Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gelang Patah Declaration --DAP's promsie to the Indian community

GelangPatah Declaration: A Vision& Strategy for Indian Empowerment.

The DAP offers justice, peace and equality for all.

The DAP puts the aspirations of the people at the centre of its social and economic policies.

The DAP recognizes BN’s 56 year rule has created unequal distribution of wealth, resulting in poverty among Indians and other vulnerable groups. But we shall ensure fair and effective distribution of our national wealth. 

Our policies will help all marginalized communities, especially the Indian poor and the lower middle-classes.

The GelangPatah Declaration aims to create an enabling environment for the Indian community. The DAP  recognizes thesignificant contribution and struggles of the Indian community and wants to re-affirm, through thisGelangPatah Declaration, that under our leadership the inherent rights and standard of living of Indians will be protected and promoted. 

The GelangPatah Declaration is DAPs promise to the Indian community in Malaysia.
1.    To resolve the problem of thestateless Indians within 100 days of a Pakatan administration;

2.    To establish a National Housing Board which will build decent and affordable housing for marginalized groups,  especially fordisplaced Indian plantation workers;

3.    To ensure that all National School Type Tamil schools become fully funded and the infrastructure of every single school is up to par with SekolahKebangsaan;

4.    To invest in technical and vocational training coupled with apprenticeship programs to provide an alternative education and career path for school drop outs from low income Indian families;

5.    To provide jobs and raise the wages of low income Indians by implementing a-RM1100 minimum wage scheme;

6.    To increase the number of Indians in GLCs, local councils, and public services;
7.    To alienate land for existing Hindu temples and burial grounds and find replacement land for temples and burial grounds which have to be relocated;

8.    To provide microcredit and other financial assistance schemes to Indian small businesses, with a special focus on women, youths and home based business;

9.    To put in place the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) and to eliminate deaths in police custody and custodial deaths;

10.To establish a special fund to promote Indian equity ownership in the country; 

11.To establish a Commission to address urban poverty and social problems faced by the community;

12.To establish policies that could economically enable single mothers, including house ownership scheme;

13.To establish or enrol in existing residential schools outstanding Indian students from plantation and urban poor families;

14.To abolish all anti-rakyat legislation and to get rid of discrimination.

31st, March, 2013 

(On 31st March 2013, the DAP Gelang Patah Declaration “A Vision and Strategy for Indian Empowerment” was formally launched in Gelang Patah at a historic meeting attended by DAP national, state and local leaders including DAP Parliamentary Leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang , DAP National Vice Chairman , M. Kulasegeran, DAP MPs Gobind Singh Deo (Puchong), Charles Santiago (Klang) and Manogaran (Teluk Intan), former Senator S. Ramakrishnan, DAP State Assemblymen including Perak Assemblyman for Sungkai A. Sivanesan and Negri Sembilan Assemblyman for Senawang P. Gunasekaren.)

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