Pakatan Rakyat's chief campaigner Anwar Ibrahim said that given the gamut of accusations hurled at him these days, it looked like his adversaries may be coming off their hinges but he is determined to remain salt and sane.

Speaking to a ‘Kebangkitan Wanita' (Women's Uprising) crowd in Seberang Jaya last night, Anwar was humorous and nonchalant in the face of the barrage he said was intensifying in the final prelude to the general election.

NONE"They are accusing me of everything these days except possibly climate change. From issuing identity cards to illegal migrants in Sabah to Israel's bombing raids on Syria, I'm supposed to be one responsible," chortled Anwar to an audience that chuckled as he ran through the litany of villainy imputed to him by his detractors.

The opposition leader said he was determined to stay on message no matter what is dredged up and hurled against him by his adversaries.

"I had nothing to do with giving blue identity cards to people in Sabah so that they can vote. This is a project conduct by a task force for which Dr Mahathir Mohamed was responsible, not me," claimed Anwar.

"They can say what they like but the people will have to be judges of that while my friends in Pakatan Rakyat and I stay on message as to how to get this country back on track once again," said Anwar.

More women candidates

Touching on the role of women in the effort to regenerate the country, Anwar said his party PKR would be fielding more women candidates in the coming polls who are "qualified and capable."

"Women are men's equal partners in developing the country. They are our wives, siblings or daughters and therefore anything bad that happens to them affects us men.

"If they have been through fate's mangle, we cannot leave them in that situation. We have to help them help themselves otherwise our children's future will be troubled."

Anwar said a Pakatan government would enlist women in the task of national regeneration in ways that would pay heed to their talents and capability.