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Deep despair in BN corridors | Free Malaysia Today

Deep despair in BN corridors

Toffee Rozario | January 10, 2013
For the Barisan Nasional government to fall, the majority of the Malays must vote the opposition and that is the definitive trend today.
The signs are there, it is just too many. The next general election is going to deal a huge blow to the Barisan Nasional government and it will be a blow that will take BN at least 20 years to recover.
The recent revelations, coming in spurts, are a typical Umno strategy, which Dr Mahathir Mohamad used so often and that explains the succession he has passed on.
Although I am convinced that former Inspector-General of Police Musa Hasan and carpet trader Deepak Jaikishan are telling us the truth, I doubt their sincerity.
I believe they are doing this because they were short-changed. They are revealing the truth in instalments in the hope that the big pay day will come.
That’s when they will decide whether to keep quiet or spill more. But when and if that big “pay day” comes, then I believe they will wait for yet another bigger pay day; after all, isn’t the current “strategy” just pay, pay and pay?
I doubt Deepak’s claims that he will tell all. He is waiting for the big payouts and he wants it as soon as possible.
He knows as much as Najib Tun Razak, Rosmah Mansor and Mahathir that the end is near and that the BN government is going to be dumped.
In fact, they all know that and are trying their level best to intimidate the people. But this time it will not work.
Slow revelation of truth
Before this government falls, all these players must collect their ill-gotten gains promised to them by the big boys. And they must leave the country quickly less they get caught for all the bad things they have done in concert with the BN.
Thus the slow revelation of the truth.
Notable is the fact that for the government to fall, the majority of the Malays must vote the opposition and that is the definitive trend today.
All polls have have indicated that, so there is this feeling of deep despair among the top brass in Umno.
Thus they can’t give in to every private investigator, carpet man or cop.
There simply won’t be enough left to pay the Umno division chiefs if they win the election, and if they do not deliver, then all hell will break loose in Umno itself.
And if this government were to fall, it had best do the right thing and hand over power without any abuse (read Perak).
‘We don’t believe you’
It won’t be a tsunami in the next general election, it is going to be a major earthquake.
Why am I certain? Because the warning was sounded off by the Sabah delegates during the recent Umno general assembly.
In the most cordial of terms, they wanted to know what happened to the RM44 million that went to Sabah Umno. Sabah Umno, it appeared, did not have a clue about it.
What these delegates were actually telling to the whole Umno general assembly (Najib and Mahathir included) was this: “We do not believe you!”
And that statement will be reflected in the Sabah election results in time to come.
Toffee Rodrigo is a businessman who spends his free time writing to create awareness. He blogs at Toffee’sTurn.

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