Friday, January 25, 2013

DAP will be de registered?

Media statement by M. Kula Segaran,  MP for Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Ipoh on Thursday 24 th January 2013

DAP will be de registered?

BN politicians and controlled media have waged aggressive attacks and made lies against the DAP after the Central Executive committee (CEC) announcement that there were mistakes in the recent (15th December2012) party CEC election and that rectification was made.

However, DAP leaders and members can hold their heads high because DAP has practiced policy of honesty and the mistakes and rectifications were audited by an external qualified chartered accountant.

Hence, there is no reason for any member to doubt the rectified results.

Unfortunately, some members have chosen to dance to the tune of BN or to lodge reports with the Registrar of Societies, without using internal party channels to air their doubt and questions.

DAP was established in 1966 and our records have shown DAP to be a party of principles and integrity.

We who are gathered here today wish to declare our total trust in the CEC and total acceptance of the rectified results.

We note that   the Registrar of Societies is suddenly so interested and concerned about the internal elections of the DAP.

Two days ago, the Registrar made an unwarranted statement that the DAP has another 20 more days to file its statements and reports on the Congress held on 15 th December 2012.

Never before a statement of this manner has been made by a Registrar. Is there any political agenda? Will DAP face deregistration? 
The Registrar is an administrative civil servant and he should stay away from political shadows and thinking and he should remain independent.

 It is certainly in the BN interest if the DAP is deregistered as if it does happen, we in the DAP will be greatly disadvantaged in the coming polls.

We cannot use the ROCKET symbol and we will suffer irreparable damage and will do badly in the general election if this does happen.

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