Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Vote BN, remain sidelined

Toffee Rodrigo November 7, 2012

If the Indians decide to go with BN, then there is only one result they can hope to achieve, which is to continue to be street sweepers and lorry drivers.

It is quite clear that Hindraf is out to reinstate Umno as the kingpin in the Selangor State Legislative Assembly through its political vehicle, the Human Rights Party (HRP).

Its decision to stand in Selangor is a clear indication that all it wants to do is to deliver Selangor to Umno.

This will happen via the backdoor because I’m very certain that HRP will not win a single seat at the coming general election and its secretary-general, P Uthayakumar himself, knows that and has secretly acknowledged it.

The only thing the Indians in this country have to realise is that self-seeking individuals who claim to champion their cause actually use these Indians (the Tamillians, in particular) for their very own purposes.

HRP may not come outright and join the Barisan Nasional as that will be very difficult, but it will be a BN-friendly party just like the independents in the Perak State Legislative Assembly today.

Never in the history of Malaysia have the Indians had better representation in government. Yet when they have achieved it, their very own people – HRP and Hindraf, the movements that claimed to champion their cause – came to destroy it, claiming that the Pakatan Rakyat state governments have done nothing for them.

They may be right but then it has only been one term since Pakatan came into power.
The government cannot be looking at only one community; it has to look at the whole big picture and that is what is important.

To say that the Pakatan governments have not provided enough land for Hindu temples but instead took it and gave it to the Chinese is racial and typical of BN politics.

No future under BN

Indians will have to fight back. There is no future in being Indian first.

This sentiment will not offer their children anything in the future, they have to think Malaysian first.

Pakatan has ruled Selangor for only one term; it has not desecrated or destroyed any temple. On the other hand, the BN and especially Umno folk have.

The BN and Umno folk have desecrated so many Hindu temples all over the country.

Today, the Indians who are on the brink of a new era have to make a choice: go the Indian way and like ostriches believe that it is only they who have problems, or rise up and discard racist parties and join a Malaysian banner.

They must decide whether or not to stand up as Malaysians and fight this evil regime.

They must decide, once and for all, to claim this, our nation, back from cheats and self-seeking individuals.

If the Indians decide to go with BN, then there is only one result they can hope to achieve, which is to continue to be the street sweepers, the office cleaners and the one-ton truck/lorry drivers.

They will continue to remain ignorant because BN specialises in this.


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