Australian senator Nicholas Xenophon has lodged a police report against pro-government dailies Utusan Malaysia, Berita Harian and New Straits Times for allegedly “vile and disgusting” and false reports about him.

The report lodged at Travers police station today concerns Utusan’s report ‘Anti-Islam senator observes Bersih 3.0' on May 1 after the massive rally for electoral reforms.
“I believe that this is an issue that is so serious because by saying what I purportedly said about Islam, it could incite others to violence and discord. These are not my views...

“I find it very offensive that I am being accused of being anti-Islam in a way that is simply so vile.

“I don’t want to repeat those (words) that are defamatory because I find it personally distressing,” he said, when met outside the police station.

NONEThe article by the Umno-owned daily and repeated in New Straits Times claimed that Xenophon (right) had spoken out against Islam during an Australian parliamentary session.

However, the dailies were forced to apologise when transcripts confirmed that the senator in his speech had not referred to Islam, but Scientology.
“I accept the fact that the apology was made but this goes way beyond that.

“Sometimes, an apology is not enough in the sense that it does not take away your rights as a human being to pursue the matter further.

“I want to make this point: What was said about me was so disgusting, so vile, so offensive that if it is in breach of the Malaysian Penal Code, then action should be taken.

“It is my way of saying that I cannot - in good conscience - step away from this. I want to clear my name completely,” said Xenophon when asked if he is rejecting the dailies’ apology.

His lawyer Amer Hamzah Arshad said that he would follow up on today’s report in 14 days because the police are legally bound to give a written response to any police report wthin that period.

“If there is no action, we would write to the attorney-general,” he said.

Amer Hamzah also urged that the report not be politicised to maintain good ties between Australia and Malaysia.