Thursday, October 4, 2012

Malaysians must not let the golden opportunity to create A Better Malaysia for All be robbed by BN’s dirty tactics.

Speech by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at “Will Election be Free & Fair” Dinner held at Kinta Riverfront Hotel on Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Malaysians must not let the golden opportunity to create A Better Malaysia for All be robbed by BN’s dirty tactics. 

The huge turnout of multi racial people from all walks of life at the Bersih 2.0 and Bersih 3.0 rallies held respectively on July 9 last year  and April 28 this year, showed the people's determination in demanding free and fair elections.

709 and 428 will certainly go down in history as important chapters in the people's struggle for a vibrant and true democracy.

And undoubtedly, Dato Ambiga, Bersih 2.0 co Chairman, will go down in history as one of the bravest Malaysians fighting for a true democracy.

Despite having been harassed, threatened, Dato Ambiga has not wavered the slightest in her determination to see the realization of the 8 Bersih demands, namely:-
  1. Clean the electoral roll
  2. Reform postal voting
  3. Use of indelible ink
  4. A minimum campaign  period of 21 days
  5. Free and fair access to mainstream media
  6. Strengthen public institutions
  7. Stop corruption
  8. Stop dirty politics
These are all very reasonable and justified demands which any government will not reject, yet the BN government which talks about wanting to see Malaysia becoming the world’s best democracy, has refused to accept them.

In fact, instead of accepting the 8 Bersih demands, the BN government has chosen to demonise the rallies.
A few months ago, when attending a function held in Kelantan, the Prime Minister Najib had demonized the rally and declared “fight in the election if you are anak jantan”.

I had thrown him a counter challenge which he had not replied.

I repeat my challenge here tonight.--Fight the Opposition fair and square. If you are a true reformist, implement all the Berish demands now.

I also wish to reiterate tonight that we condemn all harassment against Dato Ambiga and demonization of the Bersih rallies.

I say that such harassment and demonization will fail.

Let's not forget Ambiga was one of eight recipients of the US Secretary of State "International Women of Courage" Award in 2009. Her detractors must realize she is no push over!

Following the incessant violation of Ambiga’s privacy and human rights, DAP had recently carried out a signature campaign entitled " Solidarity with Ambiga" and it was so clear that not only was there such strong public disgust against the disgraceful acts of “ burger protest” and “ butt dance” in front of her house, there was also strong admiration for Ambiga’s courage.

Malaysians will also continue to support the 8 Bersih demands simply because Malaysians know what is right and wrong.

I am sure the BN government leaders know too that the 8 demands are reasonable and justified but are afraid of implementing them as they are afraid of fighting the Opposition fair and square.

Hence, we can expect the next general election to be the dirtiest in the nation’s electoral history.

BN government has ruled for more than 5 decades and caused enough damage to this beloved nation.. We must not allow any further ruins by BN government.

Malaysians must therefore not let the golden opportunity to create A Better Malaysia for All be robbed by BN’s dirty tactics.

In the run up to the next general election, Najib will certainly continue to talk about Janji di Tepati.

Malaysians know too well that after more than 5 decades, there have been so many unfulfilled promises by the BN government.

But I shall still urge the Prime Minister to make an open promise to Malaysians –that he will respect the decision of the people in the next election and hand over power to the new Putrajaya government peacefully if Pakatan Rakyat is given the mandate to helm the new federal government.

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