Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Give Malaysians and Malaysia a chance. UBAH!

Speech by M Kula Segaran at DAP Malam Ubah held in Bercham , Ipoh on Monday 8.10.2012

Give Malaysians and Malaysia a chance. UBAH!

When will the Prime Minister call for dissolution of Parliament to pave way for the nation’s next general election? This used to be a favorite question among many people when they talk about political issues.

But now more and more Malaysians are fed up of guessing because they start to feel that Dato Sri Najib is an indecisive leader who cannot make up his mind. Even people in the BN camp feel this way too. 

Among Opposition supporters, I can feel more and more people are feeling and believing that BN will lose federal power in the next election. I can also feel the mood for change is getting stronger among the people. 

Malaysians have waited long enough for change. BN has ruled this nation for too long and has done enough ruins. BN must not be given another chance. The people must give themselves and the nation a chance. 

Come next general election, whether this year or next year, Malaysians must rise to the occasion and go for total change. Vote Pakatan Rakyat for total change and A Better Malaysia for ALL.

But we must bear in mind that the next  election is going to be the dirtiest in the nation’s history as BN will go out to try to hang on to power. 

Already there are false allegations and lies that DAP is anti Islam, anti Royalty and is intent on creating a Christian state. MCA has been accusing DAP of supporting the implementation of hudud law. Malaysians must help to debunk the lies.

BN component parties will also sing praises about Najib. But can Najib really walk his talk?
Just look at the issue of Kuantan Chinese Independent School.

Till today, Cabinet cannot even prove its sincerity by giving an approval letter that clearly shows that the school is going to be a truly independent Chinese school that the Chinese community wants.

There are many more issues which show that BN government has not really changed or reformed after the last 2008 election. 

`So the change that Malaysians should go for is a total change, change the government. Vote Pakatan Rakyat at the next election to bring about new Perak and Federal government. 

Give Malaysians and Malaysia a chance. UBAH!

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