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Umno and the Malay mental serfdom — Sakmongkol AK47

Umno and the Malay mental serfdom — Sakmongkol AK47

September 17, 2012
Malaysian Insider--Side Views
SEPT 17 — We know things are the opposite when our Dear Leader Kim Il Najib spoke about Malay survival being linked to Umno. What else can he say? The easiest way to rebut this simplistic assertion is to point out to him that one in six Malays is an Umno member. So when one Umno Malay is out of the loop, there are five more other Malays left to survive. So, it’s not true that if Umno is out, Malays are also finished off. Only that lone Umno Malay is out of the equation. So we ignore his shrieking and false assertion.

I am most baffled when he says or suggests that Umno has an ideology. Since when does Umno have an ideology consisting of beliefs and basic driving force? What ideology? Since the time when I was still in Umno until now, we have been taught that Umno hasn’t got an ideology. It has always claimed it’s pragmatic although the word actually means anything goes. No sir, Umno hasn’t got any ideology.

Everyone sees a position in Umno as a means to make more money. That is why Najib has so much difficulty in weaning off incumbents from their current seats. Unless of course he pays them off and that is what he is doing. He’s giving so many people golden handshakes.

When he says the DAP will dominate, he must be off his rockers. But then he is talking to a pliant and nodding crowd whose minds are conditioned by TV3 and Utusex Malaysia. The argument that the DAP will dominate is incredible as well as devious.

He was speaking at the Umno divisional meetings. It was the same when he spoke to the rented crowd at Stadium Bukit Jalil a few months ago. But when he retires to his sleeping quarters, he can’t sleep because he’s getting nightmares. He’s thinking, can Umno even reach the 100-seat mark?

Well, I know more about him than the average reader.

We have explained why the DAP will become a formidable party because of the disciplined and quality leadership and clarity of its cause. Seat-wise, the DAP can’t form a government without PAS and PKR because it’s contesting not more that 52 seats or even less. Unless of course the Malays in PKR and PAS are of the same mediocre standard as Umno leaders, then only Malays are disadvantaged. Malay survival is at risk if they continue the corrupt and self-interested Umno.

Even Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng acknowledged the political reality of this country. The majority of the population is Malay and to suggest that anyone other than a Malay can be PM and DPM at this juncture of our history is devilishly disingenuous. But then, Umno is the devil we know.

The reason why the DAP is assailed is because the party has become the party of choice by the majority of the Chinese, Indians and, to small extent, Malays. Malays now prefer PKR and PAS.

When he asked the pliant crowd are you ready for elections, they will answer yes of course. We have been waiting for the money! Where is the money?
Do Malays depend on Umno? That is what Umno wants us to believe and that it’s why it’s only strategy is to keep Malays on an economic leash by giving handouts and free things. It’s also Najib’s only strategy. Talking about ETP, NKRA, KPI must exert some tremendous mental strain on him. Poor fellow.

The only things they have withheld from the Malays are effective economic freedom from regulations, licences that favour the rich, quotas that are robbed by the rich and powerful, etc.

Malays do not depend on Umno for their survival. Malays have got a choice, If they want to maintain that emotional security, support PAS or PKR. Do we see Malays suffer in Selangor, Kelantan, Penang and Kedah where Umno is not in power? No? Then Malays do not depend on Umno for their survival. They prosper under good governance, sincere and dedicated administrations.

When Umno leaders proclaim that our security is at risk, that reflects more of their incompetence. The home minister shows his complete incompetence by allowing vigilantes to roam the street and create havoc. Hishammuddin should resign from his post as home minister if he’s not bright enough.

When Ali Rustam says there will be disaster if Pakatan takes over, he is lying because it’s even more disastrous if Umno/BN is retained. When Ali says PR people are interested only to enrich themselves instead of caring for the welfare of the people, he is describing precisely what Umno leaders do at the moment. In the FELDA FGVH listing, for example, who enriched themselves over the people? Answer: Umno people. Two Umno ministers get 100 million, 112,000 FELDA settlers get 91 million. So FELDA settlers! Please give Umno three votes only.

You see Umno people (there is no need now to talk about the MCA or MIC because they are irrelevant) have no answers to the issues raised; they fall back on one last-minute weapon. Appeal to the emotions. Stir up the fears. Stoke racial sentiments and prejudices.
Because they are half-past-six leaders and are cerebrally challenged, they can’t reason out. Reasoning demands some mental rigour and this Umno people don’t have. That is why their answers are the same old same old. Malays are finished, Malay Rulers are finished, Islam is endangered and so forth.

Just ask yourselves: why is Umno going all out making appeals to the emotions and not to reason? Why is Umno unashamedly telling the people that social evils arise from the activities of evil men (Anwar Ibrahim, Guan Eng, Kit Siang, Hadi, Nik Aziz, Azmin Ali, that rascal Rafizi) and that if only good men (such as those in Umno naturally) wielded power all would be well. Only if good men like in Umno wield power, we can take care of the Malays, religion and our sultans.

Our response is this: such views require only emotion and self-praise which are what Umno leaders are doing now.

And people are easily moved by appeals to the emotions — love, hate, feeling scared and so on. Moreover, to reason out that the opposition, which wields no power yet, is also capable of doing better all the things Umno does requires analysis and thought, subordinating the emotions to the rational faculty. And we know Umno and its leaders and supporters are not capable of being rational. That is why even the semi-retired Great Helmsman Mahathir Mohamad has gone on record to ask Umno people to be rational precisely because they are NOT and incapable of being so.

So Umno advances arguments which are simple but false, which appeal to the emotions. To realise that Pakatan Rakyat can do better what Umno has been doing would require sophisticated thinking. And because the emotional faculties are more developed than the rational, Umno seeks out emotional redemption as its last refuge. —

* Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-2008).

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