Friday, August 10, 2012

There must be no more delay in resolving the Kg Tai Lee issue. The BN government must show that it has the political will to resolve the residents plight.

Over 50 resident from Kg. Tai Lee walked to get justice at the High Court of Ipoh. They are all facing eviction unless save by the system. I say system is cos there is land for these people to be relocated but there is no political will. Kindly read the statement and you will get the full story. Photos will be posted in the FB. After hearing all parties the court case has been adjourned to the 10thOctober2012.

Kg. Tai Lee, Buntong, Ipoh has over 75 families and 50 odd houses are in this area.
Although it is in the Ipoh City proper yet the residents are supposedly NOT to have a legal right to reside on this land. The land belongs to private owners.

Many of the residents are already third generation residents living in this area. Initially the residents were residing as legal tenants. But some years ago, the owners refused to collect rent and started Court proceedings to evict the residents. 

On 3rd January2010, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Zambry visited Kg. Tail Lee with the Local Council Mayor and MIC politicians.

During the “Gotong Royong” launching ceremony, Datuk Seri Zambry assured the people that their landless situation would be over come soon and he directed Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh to find a solution to this issue.

But although 2 years has passed and many meetings were held yet noting has been finalized. 

The residents are all from the lower income group who have no elsewhere to go. Poverty and abject poor forces prevent them from owning a house or a place of shelter.
Substantial saving of time and monies is achieved by residing in this village as it is near to the work places and schools.

Almost all the houses here are plank houses.  There is no proper drainage here, hence resulting in constant mosquito problem. 

There are over 14, 000 squatters in Perak now. The bulk of them are residing in Ipoh.
In 2000, the then BN Mentri Besat Datuk Seri Tajol Rosli announced a squatter free policy whereby by 2005,  Perak state will be free of squatters.
It is now 2012 yet there are thousands of squatters still all over Perak. It serves no purpose when the squatter free objective remains an empty slogan. 

Perak needs a clear blue print on the squatters’ issue. What is needed is a consistent, clear and achievable policy

As the bulk of the squatters are from the lower income group, it becomes incumbent on any responsible Government to assist them. The government must find an effective solution to resolve the squatter issue. 

There is plenty of state land in Perak. Yet we see the poorer lot of the communities has been by passed from getting land. Thousands of acres of land are alienated yearly to entrepreneurs and those well connected but those who deserve most are over looked. 

An important and primary duty of any responsible government will be to provide quality life to its underprivileged masses and affordable housing to its citizens.

There must be no more delay in resolving the Kg Tai Lee issue. The BN government must show that it has the political will to resolve the residents” plight.

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