Monday, July 23, 2012

Speech at “Tamil Protection Conference”, Ipoh

Welcome speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat at the “Tamil Protection Conference” in Ipoh

Prof Ramasamy, YB A.Sivanesan, Prof Kalaniasundram, Dr. Paul Newman, JP Samuel, En. Arafat distinguish guests, my beloved organizing committee, ladies and gentleman. Good afternoon and salam bahagia.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome all of you to this great and aspious event. To my foreign guest let me abreast you about the late Chelivaniagam MP in the 40’s to the 70’s in Sri Lanka . He was born in this great city of Ipoh in 1898 where we are having our function today. He was a well known freedom fighter lawyer and politician.

So you all have step on the soil where the man who articulated for Tamil rights was born!

Malaysia has about 2million Tamils and they make up about 8% of the total population. Presently we have 2 Tamil Ministers and Pro P.Rama Samy as the Deputy Chief Minister of Penang state not forgotten the increase of Tamil MPs in the Malaysian Parliament after the last general election.

Tamils are found all over the world but in bigger numbers in re also found across the world, notably Malaysia, Singapore , Mauritius, South Africa, Australia, Canada, etc. It’s the continuous discriminatory police of Sri Lanka which resulted in a civil war where over 100 Thousands people were killed. Its bellowed leader Prabarakaran had the most formidable army in the world. If not for “ettapans” or “traitors” among the Tamils a new Tamil could have been born there! The waves of “ettapans” or “traitors” are even reached in this land Malaysia where we Tamils are beginning to kill each other for personal interest so there must be more unity where it enhances image and strength. First of we should kill the “attapans” or “traitors” before anything else.

Over the years I have at numerous occasions raised the issue of Global Tamils and Malaysian’s Tamils in and out of Parliament. Even motions were moved and debated.

Tamils Malaysians in Malaysia although a very multi racial populace the Tamils have been left out are even considered second class citizens or under class in their own country. Marginalization and lack of opportunities policy of the Government has resulted in the Tamils losing out economically.

1) After 54 years of Independence the Tamils present equity in our economy is less then 1.2%

2) Although Malaysia boosts of full employment- unemployed according to Government
statistic is less than 3%. Yet many Tamils are unemployed. Find it difficult to get employed
as specially in the government sector and far worse in the private sector.

3) Only 556 seats are provided for our Indian children in the matriculation course. Suddenly
the PM announced on the 27 February a further allocation of 1000 extra seats for the
Indians making it a total of 1556. But to date only 800 plus has been filled . Here too we can
clearly see the lack of seriousness to do something special for the Indians

4) Stateless people. It is said thousand of Tamils are stateless in this country. Yet since 2008
only 4,155 largely Tamils have hot citizenships. A far sighted and comprehensive is need to
find a solution on this issue. A common amenity programme for all local born to acquire
Citizenship will put this issue in the right context.

There are many more policies of the state which hurts the Tamils. The above are a few of those.

For a quick fix to the above there is a need for an affirmative policy to assist the left outs in particular the Tamils.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Last but not least If only We ( Pakatan Rakyat) Come To Power we need to consider seriously our moves on the following :-

1) Announce a boycott for the proposed CHOGM meeting in Sri Lanka in 2013?

2) Call for an independent inquiry into Sri Lanka ’s war crimes. Recognize TGTE and allow an embassy to be opened similar to " South Sudan "

3) Recommend Indian Embassy in Malaysia to have a Tamil speaking High Commissioner in Malaysia as Tamils are the largest among the Indian community in Malaysia .

4) "World Tamil Protection Conference" to be held in Ipoh , Perak 2012?.

It is heartening to see over 1000 people have gathered here today to listen to the distinguish speakers. May all of you be enlightened and Global Tamil unity will be entrenched.

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