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Lim blames MCA for his alleged affair | Free Malaysia Today

Lim blames MCA for his alleged affair

Hawkeye | July 18, 2012
Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says the MCA was responsible for spreading the lies that he had an affair.
GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rubbished online speculations that he had an affair with one of his former staff. He said this was pure slander by desperate BN politicians.

Lim also dismissed claims that his wife Betty Chew had physically abused (slapped) the same staff, saying the only time that Chew had ever beaten someone, was her children for been naughty.

His remarks drew a wide applause from the predominantly Malay crowd at Kota Giam in Jelutong ceramah last night.

Lim laid the blame squarely on BN, particularly MCA, for dragging his family through “political mud slinging.”
Stressing that he would not cave in to pressure, made worse by slander, Lim said he would redouble his efforts to fight for the truth and to banish corruption from Penang.

Lim also announced that the DAP-led state government would have many affordable housing units in place when Pakatan enters its second term in office.

He also disclosed that the Pakatan government would built a new seven-storey high Syariah Court complex in Scotland Road, as a testament that they uphold Islam as the official religion.

“This should rebut allegations that DAP is anti-Islam or anti-Malay.”

For the past six weeks, Lim had to handle allegations of an affair, rampant hillslope development, lobbying for seats to contest in the next general election, allegations of poor management within the
local authorities as well as a rebuke from certain quarters in Penang DAP, who are unhappy over how development is taking place here.

Lim also touched on the proposed Penang Port privatisation, saying the project was awarded to an “outsider” at the expense of the interests of Penangites.

PAS deputy president Mohamed Mat Sabu who also spoke, predicted that Pakatan would win big in Penang during the next election, as the people here can see and compare the difference between BN and them.
Presently Pakatan holds 29 state seats while BN has 11.

Similar to Kelantan, Mohamed Sabu said Lim and his Kelantan counterpart Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat need to counter all kinds of allegations, but the people can see the difference.

This is why, Kelantan continues to remain under PAS rule because the people can see the difference between PAS and BN, Mohamed Sabu said.

Whatever political doctrine that BN tries to instill in Penang or Kelantan, the people in these two states can make up their own mind on who is better, DAP, PAS, PKR (Pakatan) or BN, he said.

Mohamed Sabu urged the people to support PAS and PKR in the next election at Penang if they wanted to see a stronger Malay presence in the state government.

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