Monday, June 11, 2012

Signature campaign for Bersih leaders at Central Market Ipoh

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman at Ipoh Central Market on9thJune2012

Implement the 8 demands of Bersih and provide necessary protection to Bersih leaders from harassment and intimidation

The DAP Ipoh Barat today launched, demanding the Election Commission (EC)  and the Government to implement the 8 demands of Bersih ( )   and “Solidarity with Ambiga” campaign at Central Market, Ipoh this  morning.

So far we have garnered over 5,000 signatures and have been to over 10 areas in Ipoh .

We are on the move to have many more functions to show to the world that Bersih leaders and supporters and Ambiga is not alone in the fight for the issues on electoral reforms in Malaysia . We will stand by Bersih leaders and supporters and Ambiga they should continue the noble cause.

Ambiga is the co-Chairman of Bersih 3.0 and we need to thank her for her relentless effort in having  successfully organising the Bersih 3.0 “sit in  protest” in Dataran Meredaka on the 28thApril 2012.

After this successful event, she and other Bersih leaders have been harassed by people who have certain agenda to frighten and scare them.

The attempt to serve beef burger when Ambiga is a vegetarian and a Hindu is most unMalaysian. Further the butt dance by retired army personnel is also demeaning and has to be condemned. The incident at Merlimau Melaka  is another matter which needs urgent police action.
No body is above the law.

I spoke to Dato Ambiga a few days ago and told her that Malaysians are with her and she is not alone in this fight for electoral reforms.

We regret to date those who were involved in the harassment have not been brought to book or charged.

The Government has filed a civil suit against the Bersih leaders for damages for the sum of RM122,000 in relation to the protest held in KL on28thApril 2012.

Now the Human Rights experts group of the United Nations have issued a statement condemning the intimidation and harassment on Ambiga and other Bersih leaders. This can be viewed at
We ask 3 issues to be addressed by the Government immediately:
1) The experts request to come to Malaysia to ascertain the real situation on the ground should be allowed as it will add to the reputation of the government..
2) We call upon the Government to provide Ambiga and other Bersih leaders the necessary protection by the police and relevant authorities.
3) Further the Government must stop harassment of Bersih leaders by withdrawing the civil case filed against the leaders.

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