Friday, June 15, 2012

Amnesty should be given to all local born who do not possess valid identification papers to qualify for Malaysian Citizenship

Over 100 stateless and red IC holders ( permanent residents) all born in Malaysia paraded at the KDN Department, Jelapang, Ipoh. PR leaders present today were DS Nizar, N. Surenderaan, and many YB's.
We arrived at the department at 10am asking to meet the Department Director one En. Alyas who refused to come out of his office although we had made an appointment to meet him in writing earlier.
Finally when the 100 odd stateless people started shouting demanding for the Director,  he relented and came over and disappointed us all. He  asked all  the applicants to leave and to come over next time as their cases are to be dealt individually. Basically a stand of no policy on this matter. 
I asked for the PM to intervene and find a solution for these people. My written statement is as follows: 

Media Statement by M.Kula Segaran , DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at Kementerian Dalam Negeri , Jelapang, Ipoh on Friday, June 15, 2012

Amnesty be given to all local borns who do not possess valid identification papers to qualify for Malaysian citizenship

We are all gathered here at the Kementerian Dalam Negeri, Jelapang together with Pakatan Rakyat  leaders and stateless and red IC holders to demand quick action from the relevant department.

The Home Ministry is known to make life as difficult as possible for people to qualify for citizenship especially those who are born locally without proper proof of identification papers. From the press reports it has been revealed it has take many 20,30,40 years before citizenships are granted.

I posed a parliamentary question on the number of applicants who have applied to be citizens since 2008 till 2012 and the reasons of the rejection of their applications on 13June2012 in Parliament.

The reply given was that the total number of applicants since 2008 was 62,309 and the number of successful applicants  were 29,848 whereas the balance were rejected as the applicants had not complied with necessary requirements of the Federal Constitution.

What is most disheartening is the high number of persons born in Malaysia who have yet to get the necessary papers to qualify as citizens are Indians.

In 2009, I had raised in Parliament the huge number of stateless Indians in Malaysia as the vast majority are state less for no fault of their doing. I said then that a reliable NGO had mentioned that over 66,000 Indians are reliably learnt not to possess valid identification papers thus disentitling the applicants citizenships. It has to be noted this figure was never disputed by the government.

Without proper documents-citizenship, their rights to formal education and to vote during the general elections are forfeited, and they don't have EPF contributions, SOCSCO and such other benefits a Malaysian citizen will possess.

When the My Daftar campaign was launched, MIC had identified over 15, 000 people who are without identification papers and thus stateless . Of this number, apparently only 6,000 people received the necessary papers. 

Recently it was revealed that over 300,000 Indians are still stateless. If this is true, then the whole blame is definitely on the present BN Government which has been discriminatory against the Indians.

Malaysia needs a holistic approach and due process in the giving of identifying documents to the stateless. It is a known fact that the Home Ministry officials who process the applications for citizenships make it as difficult as possible for applicants to qualify. 

The best approach on this matter will be to grant an amnesty to all who have proof they were born in this country.

In any case if the present BN Government fails to settle this issue, Pakatan Rakayt, if elected to helm PutraJaya government at the next general election, will address it on a win win basis.

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