Tuesday, May 1, 2012

We must not retreat.

( Speech by M Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman in Skudai, Johor Baru on April 29, 2012)

We are grateful for the huge turnout of local people to hear PR political speeches. This huge attendance is a new wave in our country.

Today we are fortunate hundreds turned up for today's event. Sdr Chandran the local DAP leader has to be congratulated for successfully organising this event.

Sdr.SelvaKumar of PKR and YB Guna(ADUN Senawang NS) also spoke at the event.

-When Elections?

For some time speculation is that the most important general election in the nation’s history will be held not later than June.

I believe that an important reason why June has been speculated as the likely date is because BN strategists certainly  will advise the Prime Minister that the feel good effect that he has hoped to achieve through the BR1M scheme will dissipate the longer he delays the election.

There is no doubt that many recipients will be happy to receive the RM 500 given out, but I believe that many Malaysians will not vote for BN simply because of the RM 500 which is aimed at winning political support for BN.

All this has now changed and elections has been postponed because of what happened at Bersih3.0 event which took place yesterday.

A simple event by Bersih3.0 to demand electoral reforms has boomerang to negative sentiments against the Government. The over reaction of the police against the people can be seen when loads of people were injureds.
National Union of Journalists (NUJ) general-secretary V Anbalagan,  condemned the police for attacking reporters covering the Bersih 3.0 protests.

“They [the police] have no business to use violence on media workers who were assigned to carry out a public duty, that is, to provide news coverage, obtain pictures and footages for their audience,” he said in a press statement.

During the pandemonium in yesterday’s event, several journalists were attacked by police officers. Some photographers even saw their cameras and memory cards destroyed after they were seen taking photos of alleged police brutality.

In view of this debacle,  General Elections may be held in October this year

All races played a part in the Tsunami 2008

The political tsunami had happened because for the first time, many Indians, Malays and Chinese had decided to vote for change.

There would not be any political tsunami if only the Chinese wanted change.

Political tsunami could not have happened if only the Malays voted for change.

And if the Indians did not vote for change, the 308 political tsunami would not have taken place.

Hence, for a political tsunami to take place, all races must be prepared to rise to the occasion and vote for change.

Hence, I wish to call on the Indian community to continue playing the Kingmaker role which they did in the last general election.

Indians as Kingmakers
In its desperate effort to regain the Indian support, the BN government has made various announcement and measures.

But many key and long standing issues affecting the Indian community remain unresolved or ignored.

I dare say that it is pointless to expect real and significant changes from the BN.

BN is not a coalition that can really reform. It cannot be counted upon to bring A Better Malaysia for All.

BN has ruled for 50 years. There can be no excuse whatsoever that it cannot resolve the decades old issues affecting the Indian community.

In the coming general election, the Indian community must continue to march forward.

We must not retreat.

Vote for change to bring about A Better Malaysia for ALL.


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