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MIC politicians eyeing 2000 acres land?

Sungkai, on April 30, 2012

One of the biggest ever functions was organised in Sungkai by the Assemblyman YB A.Sivanesan. YAB Lim Guan Eng, YB Prof. Rasamy, YB. Sivanesan. YB Nizar, YB Kesawan, and many others attended and graced the function. Over two thousand people attended the function.

The following is my speech:
I welcome the positive thinking idea of MIC President Daruk Seri G.Palanivelu in supporting the formation of Board of Governors (BOG) for Tamil schools.

The whole idea of formation of BOG's was for the appropriate stakeholders namely parents, teachers, professionals and the community on the whole  etc to play an active and strong role in the running and development of Tamil schools.

Although in Perak we have134  Tamil schools only 27  have formed BOG. We hope all schools will have its own BOG's the soonest possible. Former senator and MIC stalwart Dato Marimuthu is the present President of Perak BOG.

At the same time we want BOG's to play an active role as guardian of the society and to steer Tamil schools to great academic excellence and if possible to be better than Chinese schools.

Tamil school should be PREFERRED SCHOOL in the future.

When Pakatan Rakyat started governing Perak after the 2008 elections,  it came up with new ideas of empowering schools so that they are self financing their activities. This is to allow schools to be involved in the core issue of education  rather than spending time and effort looking for money to manage and run the schools.

In late 2008,  Malay Islamic schools and Chinese Independent  schools were promised allocation of land. Tamil schools were to be allocated land  but there was no United Body to represent  the Tamil Schools in the state and  too but by  time the State Government collapsed and was taken over by BN.

We totally agree with the allocation of 2000 acres of land for Tamil schools. Unfortunately the land is now parked with Yayasan Perak. It is already now 3years and the land has not been placed with the appropriate Tamil school organisation.

It is reliably learnt that  some MIC leaders are keen to manage this 2000 acres. They are Perak MIC leaders who are on the verge of registering a vehicle to vest these 2000 acres.

Many have spoken to us asking that the idea of politicians running and managing this prime asset of the Tamils is not only wrong but unacceptable.

Malaysian Indians cannot and will not forget the sorry state of how politicians managed MAIKA Holdings Bhd. 

Initially MAIKA raised over RM130 million from poor Indians with promise of returns of handsome dividends which never ever materialized. From day one MIC politicians had mismanaged MAIKA and running at a loss for over 25years .The same fate happened for Koperasi Didik

The above bitter experience further strengthens the call to ask politicians from MIC or PR to stay clear of running and managing the 2000 acre land.

We would suggest an Indian based organization which has a good track l record on palm oil management  be given the opportunity to manage this land.

Also,  the land should be transferred to an Indian based organization as trustees who manages without personal gain and no politicians should be involved  in the managing of the 2000 acrea

The state level BOG should be asked to play a supervisory role in the management of the land.

3years has passed since the land  was allocated for Tamil schools till today the land is idle. Any further delay in developing the land into an oil palm estate is irresponsible and unacceptable. If oil palm had been planted 3years ago they could have started harvesting now and monies would be flowing into much need Tamil schools coffers.

In any case if PR takes over Perak we will ensure the said land is properly managed by professional and Tamil school based organization  and its far away from political meddling.

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