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The alienation of 2000 acreas of land for Tamil schools in Perak should NOT be run or managed by politicans


The alienation of 2000 acres of land for Tamil schools should NOT be run or managed by politicians

I said recently that the 2000 acres  of land alienated for the Tamil schools in Perak should not be managed and or handled by MIC politicians or any politicians as the case may.

I even narrated how MAIKA HOLDINGS BHD,  a business arm of MIC was mismanaged and misused by the MIC politicians. Thus I argued it would be best to ask politicians to take a back seat as far as running public business is concerned.

I said so as I have ample evidence on how politicians who lack business and management skills have invariably bankrupted corporations and business theyr run.

I am now taken aback by the reply and rebuttal by Dato Rajoo,  ex Perak MIC Chairman and former Perak Exco. He was cynical, chided, castigated and detested me on all the virtues I pointed out on how wrong it can go, when politicians runs a business concern.

Let me reply point to point on matters he had thrown back and thought he had nailed me up.

1) He said when PR was in power we failed to get the 2000 acres approved for the 134 Tamil schools in Perak
How wrong and misleading his statement is on this issue. PR was in the process of alienating when our legitimately elected State Government was robbed and BN took over the state government. We had announced alienation of land to Chinese and Religious schools. For Tamil schools,  land was in fact identified for Tamil schools. However, there was no LPS like organisation to register.

 2) Because of MIC land of 2000 acres was alienated for Tamils schools?

MIC’s Rajoo many have lapse of memory and has internationally forgotten that his party failed to alienate for Tamil schools any land when they were in power. To make matters worse Rajoo himself was  an EXCO member for over 8 years. What was he doing all along ?

Further MIC was part of the Perak Government from 1957 for over 53 years. Why during this period they did not lift their finger and or raised the issue of alienating land of this nature? Why only when after we took power for a mere 11 months they can suddenly copy us and alienate 2000 acres for Tamil schools?

3) Rajoo says they have put the effort to get the 2000 acres?

Rajoo must be blinded by what happened to them in the 2008 elections when they lost all the state assembly seats in Perak and the then MIC President DS Samy Vellu even lost his seat. They all lost out as the Indian community issues were not attended to and MIC has become an irrelevant party. It would be best for Rajoo to admit MIC’s faults and move on rather than to be scolded in public without being able to defend their track record.

4) Rajoo further asserts the Tamil schools growth was because of MIC?

Another  misstatement. In 1957 we had 888 Tamil schools. Why are we left with 523 schools now? Why Tamil schools are run down and shortage of teachers is a norm in Tamil schools?

Why Tamil schools are very rarely built in urban areas where there is a severe shortage ? 80% of Tamils now  earn a living in urban areas yet 80% of Tamil schools are still at rural areas. Why MIC has not been able to get the rural schools to move to more need based areas?

5) Rajoo says apparently effort has been made out by MIC and it knows how to handle the issue.

 Rajoo should realize the alienation of the 2000 acrea is not for MIC. It is for the welfare and progress of Tamil schools in Perak. All Tamil people have a legitimate right and interest and say over this issue.

Historically it is evident that politicians are useless and bad when it comes to managing business and corporate issue. It is like mixing oil with water. These are matters best left to those who have the qualifications, sincerity, experience, track record to manage oil palm business and also committed to progress and future stability of Tamil schools.

 How many oil palm estates MIC politicians like Rajoo have managed and run efficiently?

Look at the land( oil palm) alienated for the Chinese schools. Who are managing? MCA has the magnanimity to hand over to the schools to decide who best can handle it in a transparent and honest manner. 

Why can’t MIC learn from MCA ? Is MIC that desperate to cash on this as an election issue. Or is anybody behind the curtain trying  to play the old trick again? There are so many other issues affecting the community which  MIC should focus on.

Rajoo and his people must become team players and work for the interest of the community. Don’t allow one's ows personal financial inclination to be the determining factor in deciding this issue.
Rajoo and MIC must stay away from getting near the 2000 acres land.. It is best given to a state level LEMBAGA PENGELOLA SEKOLAH (LPS) like body who function as stakeholders purely for the upliftment  and future progress of Tamil schools. 

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