Friday, April 13, 2012

Wishing all Tamils in Malaysia a Happy Tamil New Year

Tamil New Year Message by M. Kula Segaran , DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on Friday, April 13, 2012

Wishing all Tamils in Malaysia a Happy Tamil New Year.

This new year will be a very important year for all Tamils in Malaysia because Malaysia’s most important general election in the nation’s history will be held this year.

Although the Indians comprise only nearly 7 % of the nation’s population , we will be able to make a difference in shaping our and the nation’s political destiny.

The 2004 general election saw a political tsunami that dealt BN its unprecedented electoral debacle.

The Indians who decided that enough was enough played the kingmaker role and helped create the political tsunami .

It has been 4 years since then . Has BN government learned its lessons ? Undoubtedly, the BN government has carried out some plans aimed at helping the Indians and winning their support.

Admittedly, the results of a few by elections also saw some swing of Indian support back to BN. But whatever that have been done by the government do not reflect the true commitment and sincerity of the BN government to help the Indian community.

The Government is certainly not doing enough and many long standing issues faced by the Indian a community remain unresolved.

Today, Indians still have the highest rate of crime, single mothers , unemployment, alcoholics, school drop out etc.

All these have been present for the last 50 + years. Yet despite having suffered at the last general election, the BN government has not come out with effective policies and measures to address and resolve these issues.

Tamil schools continue to be treated unfairly.

In short, the Indian community continue to be neglected and continue to remain marginalized.

Hence, with the advent of a new year, I urge the Indians to reflect on the need to continue to vote for political change .

Time has proven that despite having lost substantial political support of the Indian community in the last general election, BN government lacks the political commitment and will to really help the Indian community. Suffice to say that BN government is a government that Malaysians , in particular the Indian community , cannot place their hopes on .

Real , meaningful and significant changes can only come about with a Putrajaya government helmed by Pakatan Rakyat that is committed to bring about A Better Malaysia for All. Malaysians must therefore vote for bigger political tsunami in the coming general election expected to be held in June or September this year.

For a bigger political tsunami to happen, the Indian voters must rise up to the occasion and play the king maker role again.


  1. Happy New Year to all!. May you all be blessed this new year with new hopes and new beggining.