Thursday, April 26, 2012

UBAH -Vote PR for total change! When General Elections?

Speech by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at DAP Dinner held River Front Hotel on Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Despite having been the Prime Minister for 3 years, Datuk Seri Najib is still not so confident about dissolving the Parliament to pave way for the nation’s 13 th general election.

The 308 general election has changed the political landscape in the nation and despite recent approval ratings showing that the Prime Minister’s approval ratings have gone up to 69%, Dato Seri Najib is still uncertain when to dissolve the Parliament to pave way for the nation’s 13 th general election.

Nevertheless, he will have to pick a date and all speculation has pointed towards June as the likely date.

There is no doubt that the coming general election is the most important election in the nation’s history. As Najib has said before what ever happens they will defend PutraJaya at all cost thus this will also be the dirtiest general election ever.

It is going to be the election where the Opposition will not be dismissed, like in all previous elections, as having totally no hope in toppling the BN government.

No serious political analyst will write off the Pakatan Rakyat’s chances to  win the next general election and helm Putrajaya government.

In fact, MCA President Datuk Chua Soi Lek is so sure that PR may take over the next government that he has been asking the questions as to who shall be the PR’s prime minister and deputy prime minister!

To go for change, we must first ensure that the coming general election is free, fair and clean.

Hence, we are in total support for Bersih’s 8 demands which are:-

1) Clean the electoral roll
2)Reform postal voting
 3) Use of indelible ink
4) A minimum campaigning period of 21 days
 5) Free and fair access to mainstream media
 6) Strengthen public institutions
7) Stop corruption
8) Stop dirty politics

We must all ensure 428 to be a day of success. Let 428 be a historic day for the struggle for free, fair and clean elections. Lets all Malaysians make it a point to go to Dataran Merdaka on 28thApril2012 between 2-4pm. Those Perakians who are unable to make it to KL kindly converge at Polo Ground. But in any case be in Yellow on 428!!

Despite having suffered its worst electoral debacle at the last election, BN government under the leadership of a new Prime Minister has proven that it is not committed to and is not capable of implementing changes which are urgently needed to bring about A Better Malaysia for All.

Look at the corruption issue.

The Transparency International Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2011 released last December showed that Malaysia has fallen to the lowest TI CPI ranking of No. 60, with the lowest CPI score of 4.3.

It is said, based on the latest TI CPI 2011 ranking and score and available data going back to 1995, Malaysia under Najib is even more corrupt than under the two previous Prime Ministers, Mahathir and Abdullah.

It is estimated that due to leakages, corruption and shoddy procurement we lose yearly over RM 28 billion. Global Financial Integrity (GFI) reported that illicit money outflows from Malaysia amounts to RM888 billion over 9 years from 2000-8. If RM888 billion was given to 27 million Malaysians, each man woman and child would receive nearly 33,000/- each over 9 years.

So is Najib serious and committed to fight against corruption?

What reforms is he talking about when corruption continues to be rampant in Malaysia ?

Real reforms and changes which Malaysians have yearned for can only come about with a new Putrajaya government helmed by PR.

UBAH Vote PR for total change!

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