Wednesday, April 25, 2012

BN stop using local council as your personal item


Over the last 3 weeks, volunteers and members helped DAP to sell over 200 tables for the Ipoh Barat dinner which will be held tonight at River Front Hotel.

 For the first time in many years, we have a situation of oversold position of the dinner tickets.

The sale was so encouraging, more so when people called and even sms us for the tickets. We are happy and grateful to the many Ipoh folks for supporting us. 

As the support is overwhelming, we have decided to put up a screen outside the hotel. This is to screen live the activities that are happening inside, including the speeches of all of the political leaders.

We have on Monday written to the Ipoh City Council (MBI) for the necessary permission to put up our political flags. 

On Tuesday we have confirmed with the MBI senior officers that we can put up the flags as they have no objections to it. 
Last night, our volunteers put up over 500 flags under the code name “ Banjirkan Ipoh Dengan Bendera” all the vicinity of the Hotel.

To our shock early this morning, we got numerous calls from locals alerting us that the MBI enforcement section was removing the flags.  

Immediately by 8am, I arrived near the Hotel and confronted the MBI workers .The workers told us that they were instructed to remove same by the Mayor. We were unable to reach the Mayor but managed to reach the Secretary Dato Rahim .We expressed our disgust and objections in the MBI removing the flags.

Dato Rahim came over to the Hotel area and agreed and ordered the MBI workers to cease taking down the flags. After much heated arguments, the flags were returned and apologies were extended to us.

The MBI workers were very upset that their bosses had ordered the flags to be removed.

We had to recall back some of the volunteers to come and help to put up the flags.

All the volunteers worked for the love of the party without any remuneration paid to them.

We heard from reliable sources that the top BN leaders wanted the flags to be removed as they felt the flags were put up illegally and were too near the State Secretariat building.

But, not a single flag was obstructing traffic or on Government buildings.
Why MBI failed to reach us for an explanation before removing the flags? Why MBI took down the flags when we had complied with the necessary by laws of the MBI and when we were already given the necessary permission?

They should exercise some independence and professionalism in the discharge of their duties.

They cannot and should not be yes man to BN illegal Government of Perak. 

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