Monday, February 20, 2012

Ipoh flash floods are avoidable

Unusually heavy rain in Ipoh this early morning. Visited all the affected areas. Thanks to volunteers and helpers who have made our work easy.
Ipoh flash floods are avoidable

Heavy rain started in Ipoh about 1am this morning. It only stopped at about 5.30am and resulted in flash floods.

The main areas affected were Merdaka Garden, Hock Aun Garden, Manjoi, Kg. Tai Le, Lim Garden and Buntong along the Sg.Pari River.

I have never seen Sg Pari ever so swollen as today. Sdr.Wasoo, Sdr. Mani, Sdr Tan were the few who followed to help.

We are given to understand the main source of water into Sg.Pari starts from Punjak Jelapang.
Here a few tributaries all coverage into this Punjak Jelapang and then into Sg.Pari which goes through Ipoh.

This morning’s rain was unusually heavy with fall of 115mm. Usually maximum rainfall will be in the region of 80mm. There was an increase rain fall of 45% this morning. The weather man says the heavy rain now in February is unusual.

Two schools, Seri Puteri and Sg.Pari Schools were also affected to the extent that the schools were closed today. The school chairs, tables and furniture were affected by the floods and it will take a few days for all to return to normality.

To make matters worse, the automatic water pumps installed to suck water into the river at Lim Gardens, Merdaka garden; Manjoi, Kelabang and Buntong were not functioning effectively. Apparently, the relevant department had been informed earlier that the pumps were not functioning but it fell on deaf ears.

The relevant authorities need to take heed and learn from this lesson. For some time the Sg.Pari river has been facing severe silting and deepening works needs to be urgently carried out.

This flood is avoidable if appropriate actions have been taken early to both deepen the rivers and ensure all water pumps are in working order.

A few hundred houses have been affected by this flash flood. Many personal belongings and furniture have been damaged.

The DAP has set up a crisis center at Hock Aun to assist those affected by the flash flood. Food and shelter is provided to the victims.

We advice those affected by the floods who want financial help from the Government to lodge police report and to forward the reports to us so as to allow us to assist them in their applications.

Media statement by M.Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at Kg. Hock Aun Ipoh on 21stFebruary2011.

The flash flood causes stagnation of water at Kg.Hock Aun, Ipoh causes paind and misery to residents

The flash flood in and around Ipoh is improving. Only at Manjoi over 30 families affected will move into their houses in the afternoon.

But the fate of Kg. Hock Aun residents has and is not improving. Over 20 residents slept last night at a relief center next to Hock Aun Garden which is on high ground and flood free.

But Kg. Hock Aun residents live on low ground and being next to Sg.Pari river the flood water is there and its level is around 1feet. Thus many of the residents are unable to clean there houses and move in.
All the residents at this area are from the lower income group who need help.

We asked for assistance to pump and drain the stagnant flood water from the following departments:

1) Ipoh local council (MBI) who said they do not have pumps to drain water out. But they agree to provide high pressure pumps to clean the residents houses of mud and rubbish as soon as the water has receded. Yesterday I myself saw a water snake and a monitor lizard in one of the houses.

2) Fire brigade when contacted they confirmed having such pumps but its only meant to be used for emergency relief and not stagnated water situation. Told them its an emergency as the cause is by reason of flood water and not self caused thus its an emergency. They disagreed and adamant and won't help.

3) Finally we called for help with the Drainage and Irrigation Department(DID). They agreed to assist the residents and they will send over high powered water pumps to drain out the stagnated water into the Sg. Pari river.

Today 5 residents fall ill and the Health Department arrived and provided the necessary medical assistance.

We would like to place on record our appreciation to the staff of Welfare Department, Health Department, the MBI and the DID who were very speedy response and helpful to the residents in one way or the other.

Some of the main causes of the flash flood were 1) heavy rain fall 2) heavy silting thus over the time and the failure to deepen the Sg.Pari river 3) over logging and cutting of trees and vegetation at the up stream, which causes strong flow of rain water direct into the river.

The authorities should be lucky that no lives were lost by this avoidable floods. Immediate corrective actions are needed to address the pressing issues.

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