Saturday, February 25, 2012

Any government must give priority to provide land for farmers

Press statement by M.Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat in Ipoh on Friday, February 24, 2012.

Any government must give priority to provide land for farmers

The farmers issue at Jelapang has now taken to the worse when with the help of the land office personnel,s the farmers were forcibly evicted yesterday.

Over 12 farmers have been farming at this place since 1977. Although many have applied for the land from the government, their applicatiosn were unsuccessful.

In 1987, the Perak BN government approved the said land to be a housing area for the squatters.

Many of the farmers are vegetable growers and two of them are rearing cows and goats.

The majority of the farmers are in their 60’s and 70’s and farming is their only main source of income.

Why these farmers were evicted even before they were relocated? Why couldn’t the government look for some other alternative land for the relocation of squatters rather then grabbing this land of the farmers?

Further how is the government going to reduce our import of food which now is about 20billion a year?

It is a known fact that in many areas in Perak, land are left unattended and not cultivated. Why can’t these lands be given to the farmers who are from the lower income group.

Today, Richard Leong (my political secretary) RK Muthu-ex Assemblyman of Teja, Jermy Chuah( my secretary) and Segaran Ipoh Barat Chairman were all present at the Ipoh land office to meet up with the Assistant District Officer:

1) to complain the undue force used on the farmers by the land office personals

2) to look for an alternative place for all the farmers

3) To seek reasonable compensation for the farmers

The ADO agreed to our suggestion to arrange for a meeting between the farmers and the developer. The meeting willd be held at the Ipoh land office at 3pm. The land office will help to mediate for a settlement.

Further the farmers will be given priority in locating a piece of land for farming

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