Monday, January 9, 2012

Verdict over but the fight continues

Verdict over but the fight continues
January 9, 2012
Dr Chris Anthony

Verdict over but the fight continues Anwar has proven he is still relevant The verdict on sodomy II must have been the most important one for KL High Court judge, Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah.It would have the verdict that he will never forget for the rest of his life. I am sure it would bring back pleasant memories of the morning of 9 January 2012 when he rose to do justice in the trial of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the Opposition leader in the presence of thousands of the latter’s supporters.

In his verdict lay the fate of Anwar’s political future and the reputation of the judiciary and fortunately the judge rose above politics to save both Anwar and the institution he represented. It is too early to conclude that our judiciary may now be totally independent just from this case as a lot of public pressure could have compelled the judge to acquit Anwar. However we hope this would be the beginning of judicial independence in the country.

Despite all the odds against him, Anwar has proven once again he is indeed a great man, a loyal citizen and a patriotic Malaysian who will do anything to stand up for his principles to save his country. He had demonstrated beyond doubt that he is the right choice to lead the nation if elected by the people to do so.

He could have chosen the easy way out but he has demonstrated his greatness by choosing to sacrifice his peace, his comforts and his health to fight corruption, injustice and racism that is threatening to destroy the nation we all slogged to develop.

At the age of 64 and with severe spine problems, he is willing to do something which most of us will shudder even at the thought of it. Yes, he is willing to go to jail to save his country and people based of his principles of socio-economic equality, justice and fairness for the man on the street regardless of race or creed.

He is willing to sacrifice not his peace alone but that of his family. Which wife would want to send the husband to jail, knowing what happened the last time he was sent there? Which children would want to send their father to prison knowing well the risks he may be subjected?

By his willingness to sacrifice himself for our future he has won the admiration of all Malaysians across ethnic divide. This brave Malaysian deserves our undivided support in his endeavors to free our nation from the clutches of tyranny and corruption.

He has called for change and change we must bring. We need not take to the streets or risk our lives to support him. We can do it peacefully and democratically with the power bestowed upon us as citizens – the ballot box. Yes, it is that simple-just cast the vote for change at the right time and we can convince many others to do so likewise.

The man who was considered irrelevant by his opponents has proved himself relevant by willing to go the extra mile and do the extraordinary to lead the nation in bringing change. It is the duty of all citizens to rally behind this great Malaysian to realize that dream and yearning for change. Our vote on that defining day of the 13GE will not only bring the change we badly need but also help free this great man from further persecution and imprisonment.

The verdict on Sodomy II may be over and the case comes to a close but the fight continues as the bigger battle has yet to come.

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