Friday, December 30, 2011

Let’s compete based on service records to the people and political contribution to the nation


( I held a press conference today to rebut the allegations made by some residents against the elected representatives of Ipoh Barat and Kepayang constituencies)
The press conference was well attended with so many local supporters. In fact ,after the news in the Star paper, many of my constituents called and expressed their anger at those who had organized the demo against DAP elected reps. The locals who came to support me illustrated in detail what I have done for the area over the years.)
My press conference statement among others was as follows:
3 days ago, a group of residents gathered at a playground in Taman Ipoh Grove and held a banner which said:
“DAP elected representatives, where are you?” while showing the thumbs down sign.
They dispersed peacefully after about five minutes.
According to media report, B. Pathmanathan from Kampung Gunung Cheroh claimed the elected representatives, Kepa­yang assemblyman Diamond Loke and Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran, had never come to see the residents since they won the 2008 general election.
He said both the DAP elected representatives had failed to find out and resolve their problems.
“Often, we had to ask for help from former Kepayang assemblyman Datuk Tan Chin Meng.
“I have never met the current elected representatives since 2008,” he said.
Let me say that it is unfair for the residents to claim that I have not been available to serve or have not served.
DAP elected representatives are required to set up service centers and there is one too at Kepayang state constituency. Our service center for Kepayang operates at 182, KK Road , Ipoh
We are available at the office at the following days and time. Monday – Friday 9am – 12 and Friday night 8-10 pm.
As a MP and a DAP party leader, I have three roles which I always do to the best of my ability, namely the political, legislative and people service roles.
I have 6 assistants who are always available to stand in for me whenever I have to be away for Parliament meetings, party /official meetings and work.
Their names and contact numbers are as follows;-
1) Frankie Wong 012-5385555
2) RK Muthu 016-5486537
3) Richard Leong 016-5582323
4) Cheong Chee Khing 019-5585898
5) Wasoo
01252117576) Jeremy Chuah 017-2669287
6) Cyrus Liew 019-542311
From the media photo, we can see that some residents are party members of a political party.

It is thus clear that the demonstration is but a politically motivated move to attempt to tarnish my name as general election approaches.

I and my team of dedicated assistants/ volunteers have been serving the Ipoh Barat constituents and some of the issues which we have attended are:-
1. flood and drainage issues at Ipoh Grove;
2. squatters issue affecting over 54 families at Hock Onn Garden ;
3. welfare and financial assistance to the needy;
4) local council issues;
5) And many more issues
Other than the requirement to attend Parliament and official duties which take up nearly 1/3 of the year, I also handle court cases of public interest ex 1) conversion cases 2) squatter cases 3) pro bono cases.
All these are done in the interest of the rakyat.
We are always there as the servant of the people and are willing to assist any constituent.
Let me dare our political opponents to compete with us based on our service records to the people and political contribution to the nation and not by resorting to cheap publicity gimmicks
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