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Karpal raps Najib over ‘secret’ remarks | Free Malaysia Today

Karpal raps Najib over ‘secret’ remarks

Athi Shankar | December 4, 2011

The DAP national chairman says it was unbecoming of the prime minister to make a sardonic statement.

GEORGE TOWN: DAP national chairman Karpal Singh today rapped Umno president Najib Tun Razak for his irresponsible statement that DAP knew all of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim’s secrets.

He also chided the prime minister for criticising Anwar’s decision to give an unsworn statement from the dock in the on-going sodomy II trial.

Karpal accused Najib of mocking a lawyer-client relationship by creating an impression that the DAP was holding Anwar to political ransom.

He said Najib was suggesting that he (Karpal) was a crooked lawyer misusing his position as Anwar’s defence counsel in the sodomy trial to find out the PKR supremo’s secrets and use them to DAP’s political advantage.

He criticised Najib for making a sardonic statement unbecoming of a prime minister.

“It was irresponsible,” Karpal told reporters during a visit to his Bukit Gelugor parliamentary constituency here.

Najib in his winding-up speech at the Umno general assembly last week said Karpal’s appointment as Anwar’s lawyer in the second sodomy trial had made it possible for DAP to gain confidential information from the PKR leader.

Najib claimed that DAP has been so bold now because Karpal knew everything about Anwar.

Karpal also took Najib to task for criticising Anwar for making an unsworn statement in the sodomy trial, pointing out that it amounted to “contempt of court proceedings and defamation”.

He warned Najib to be prepared to face the music and hinted that the premier could even face a defamation suit if he repeated such rash remarks.

He clarified that under the law, Anwar, the Permatang Pauh MP, has the right to choose to testify under oath or make an unsworn statement from the dock.

‘Najib should not interfere’

Karpal said that Anwar had acted on his (Karpal’s) legal advice to choose the option to give an unsworn statement.

“It’s up to court to decide on how much weight it is going to give to the statement. Najib should not interfere in the court proceedings.

“I hope the court would not be influenced by Najib’s remarks,” said Karpal.

He said that the attacks on DAP and Anwar at the general assembly indicated that Umno and Barisan Nasional were desperate in the face of declining public support to the current government.

He added that it was also the clearest hint that Najib would call for a snap general election anytime now.

“They were desperate. That’s why they made personal attacks, not constructive criticisms,” said Karpal.

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