Sunday, December 4, 2011

JPS must take immediate remedial action to avoid an impending disaster at Sivan Temple.

4th December 2011 in Ipoh.

JPS must take immediate remedial action to avoid an impending disaster at Sivan Temple.
DAP Ipoh Barat office has received many complaints over the last 2weeks on the sudden collapse of a retaining wall which is next to the Sivan Temple in Buntong.

Our Ipoh Barat Action team led by Sdr.R.K. Muthu visited the area last week and immediately lodged a formal complaint to the Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran (JPS) of Ipoh.

The JPS then called over to the scene and filled up the affected place with stones and pebbles. The concrete wall which had given way was removed.

Today, together with R.K.Muthu, Mani, Jenny Chuah (special assistant to M.Kula), Jayson Chuah, Tan and temple representative Mr. Parameswaran, I had visited the place.

We were given to understand due to the collapse of the retaining wall, cracks on the floor have begun to appear on the temple ground. The stones and solid applied to cover the collapse is apparently a temporary measure as the JPS is short of fund.

We were further given to understand that over RM10, 000 has so far been spent for this temporary work.

The temple is very popular and many devotees go there daily. We are concerned that if appropriate and permanent remedial work on an urgent basis is not done, not only part of the temple may collapse but innocent devotees may also be injured.

In view of the expected heavy down pour during this month, we call upon the authorities to take appropriate, urgent and permanent remedial work to avoid any disaster.

Shortage of fund cannot be a reason for any delay in doing what must be urgently done.

In fact, no reason whatsoever can be accepted for any delay. JPS must take action now.

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