Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec 26 Tweets

Dec 26 Tweets

Kit Siang called today and I agreed to use internal party channels . Nga to explain to leadership

I made no allegation/accusation. Unfortunately my comments misinterpreted as internal problems/ bad blood.

Many members/supporters also talked about it. They wanted answers too. So I said Nga should come clean - to explain.

Dec 24 PC was on asset declaration but reporters asked about the tailoring contract.

Reporter asking 2respond 2Nga's issue in 2days c/paper about pc I had about him?I replied my pc was on declaration of assets n not about Nga
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  1. YB you must go further. That information on the assets must be printed on the back of the Ballot Paper so that the people can decide. That is what the DPM said on the NFC case. The government has done its investigation and now it is up to the people to decide.