Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Come next general election , let’s create a bigger political tsunami to bring about A Better Malaysia for All.

Spoke at tonight's PR Ceramah at Selama. Present to were YB Sdri Leong Mei Meng and Sdr Kishor ( DAP anchor rep at Selama). Part of my speech as below.

Come next general election , let’s create a bigger political tsunami to bring about A Better Malaysia for All.

It is now widely believed that the Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib will call for the next general election in March next year.

There are various reasons and signs to support such belief.

Possible world economic slowdown is one reason why Najib cannot afford to delay calling a general election any longer.

A very clear sign is of course his recent comments at the recent Umno General Assembly that the general election is around the corner.

The Cabinet decision to withdraw the controversial novel “Interlok” from the school is certainly a sign which strengthens the speculation that the general election is fast approaching.

NIAT, Chinese community groups and the Opposition have continued to fight for the novel to be withdrawn as a school literature text despite the fact that the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin had said that the issue was already closed a few months back with amendments made to book contents.

Muhyiddin made it clear in Parliament that the book would not be withdrawn.

DAP has declared that we will make the Interlok issue a major issue in the coming general election as we cannot accept such a controversial book which has hurt the feelings of the people to be continued as a school text.

Our position is that the only acceptable solution to the controversy is to withdraw the novel from the school.

The Cabinet’s decision to finally do what is right and necessary has proven that BN government knows the political impact such an issue will have against the government.

The decision to withdraw the novel is therefore and undoubtedly a victory for the people.

BN was dealt an unprecedented electoral debacle at the last general election due to the 308 political tsunami.

BN knows too well that the political tsunami can come again. It has no choice but to withdraw the novel unless it is prepared to take political risks.

The government which has been weakened by the political tsunami knows that it can ill afford to be arrogant on all issues and all the time.

This shows the might of people power after the 308 political tsunami.

Nevertheless, the bull dozing of the Peaceful Assembly Bill in Parliament is one clear cut case that proves that BN simply cannot bring about meaningful and significant political changes that Malaysians have long yearned for.

BN is a coalition that Malaysians can no longer put their trust in and hope on.

True change which can bring about A Better Malaysia for All can only take place with a change of federal government helmed by Pakatan Rakyat.

Come next general election, let’s create a bigger political tsunami to bring about A Better Malaysia for All.

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