Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vote Pakatan Rakyat for a Better Malaysia for All

Saturday 19.11.2011

Just spoke at DAP Greentown Branch dinner. Among others who also spoke were 1) YB Cliff Tan(MP- Cheras),YB Thomas Su (ADUN -Pasir Panji) 3)YB Seah (ADUN-Pasir Perdamar) 4) YB Sum(ADUN-Bercham)

BN had always gone into past general elections with full confidence that it could not lose even the traditional two thirds parliamentary majority.

For BN, losing power in Perak was impossible.

But the 2008 general election gave BN its greatest shock. BN suffered its worst ever electoral debacle.

It was an election where Malays, Chinese and Indians decided to come together to vote for change and created the political tsunami.

The result has proven the might of people power!

But has the arrogant BN learned its lesson after the unprecedented electoral debacle?

When Dato Sri Najib took over the Prime Minister’s post, he launched his 1 Malaysia concept and slogan.

While many Malaysians still do not really understand this concept, many will expect it to be fairness to all.

But the concept and slogan remain hollow.

Vernacular schools are still not accorded fair treatment; many qualified non bumiputra students still cannot gain admission into matriculation colleges or obtain government scholarships.

Now DAP MP Tony Pua has disclosed that even Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia is not selling goods at the cheap prices as claimed!

BN has always boasted that it can bring much development.

But DAP Sarawak Chairman Sdr Wong Ho Leng has revealed that 30 percent of rural Sarawak has no electricity, 41% no water coverage and 47.8% of the state’s hardcore poor are native Ibans.

If Penang government led by Sdr Lim Guan Eng can eradicate the hard core poor issue within
a short period of 3 years, it shows that DAP and Pakatan Rakyat Boleh!

The Prime Minister has recently said that the important question for the people is to ask themselves in which political coalition they can trust.

The answer is obvious, put your trust in DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

BN has ruled for too long and it has brought too much political darkness to this nation.

One would have thought that the natural thing for BN to do is to reform and change so as to win back the confidence, support and trust of the people.

But BN simply cannot change.

In his opening speech at the MCA national convention last year, Dato Sri Najib reminded BN component parties of the “four diseases” - delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance — which often hit parties that were too long in power and failed to reflect on their own weaknesses.

These were what he said:-

“Firstly, the disease of delusion comes because the party has taken for granted that the support from the people will continue.

Secondly, amnesia hits when a party has forgotten its purpose and the original objective of its struggles.

Next, the inertia disease occurs when parties refuse to implement reforms or make changes.

Finally, arrogance is born out of the attitude of refusing to accept advice from others.

All these diseases, particularly arrogance, will only result in hatred from the people and disgust in our leadership”.

Time has proven that BN simply can’t change.

BN is still inflicted with the 4 diseases.

There are too many examples but the National Feedlot Corporation controversy is a very good one. Business as usual is what the people can expect under BN rule.

I call on Malaysian who yearn for political change and a better Malaysia for all to vote Pakatan Rakyat at the next general election so as to create a stronger political tsunami that will see the end of BN rule.

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