Saturday, November 12, 2011

BN rule has brought too much darkness to our motherland


( Spoke at DAP Sri Taman Deepavali function, Sg. Siput. Among the speakers are YB Leong Mei Meng, YB Dr. JayaKumat. Dr.JayaBalan and Tuan Haji Mazalan (PAS). The MC was Dr.Cheong Chee King)

BN‘s rule has brought too much darkness to this beloved land. Let light triumph over darkness at the next general election.

Based on past calendar dates, no significant or unusual phenomenon occurs simply because of a date that has the same numbers in a sequence. But such dates still have special meaning to some people.

Some people view yesterday’s rare date -- 11.11.11, as an auspicious day to get engaged or married.

National Registration Department revealed that more than 1,000 couples nationwide chose yesterday to get married.

In politics, yesterday carried no special meaning or significance. Nevertheless, there was some speculation as to whether the Prime Minister would dissolve Parliament to pave way for the nation’s 13th general election.

Yesterday was speculated as a likely date because it has been said that 11 is Najib’s favorite and supposedly lucky number.

But not only was there no dissolution of Parliament as speculated, Najib has even ruled out a general election this year.

Many factors could be cited as to why there will not be an election this year.

Yesterday, The Star in its front page report listed a list of reasons why the general election will not be held this year.

Some of the reasons are:-
1. Public examinations do no end till mid December and
school halls and classrooms will be in use
2. Najib and his deputy are going on holidays in December
3. UMNO general assembly to be held from November 20 to December 3
4. Flood warnings are out

These are valid reasons but if Najib wants to call an election this year, nothing can stop him. The 1999 general election was held on November 29.

The only real reason why Najib will not call for an election this year is simply because BN is not ready. In other words, he is unsure of the amount of support he will get from the people. And he knows he cannot bank on a mere lucky number.

Unlike all previous general elections where no political analyst and observer would think that BN could ever be toppled from federal power, BN can no longer go into the next general election with full confidence of a sure win.

There is no doubt that political landscape has changed since the 2008 general election.

Even sugar coated election 2012 Budget claimed to be the best election Budget will not automatically win support for BN government.

Next general election will be one where the Opposition will be fighting against the BN as a coalition.

And while Najib can still not decide when to call for the next general election, Pakatan Rakyat is ready to do battle.

But most important of all, Malaysians who want to see a better Malaysia for all must be ready.

BN‘s rule has brought too much darkness to this beloved land. Let light triumph over darkness at the next general election.

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