Friday, October 21, 2011

Let light conquer darkness at the next general election.

( Speech at DAP Ipoh Barat Deepavali Open House in Ipoh on Friday, October 21, 2011.)

Let light conquer darkness at the next general election.

Malaysians are indeed blessed to live in a multi racial, multi religious and multi cultural nation.

Here, not only can we enjoy the delicious multi racial foods, experience the rich and fascinating multi cultures, we can also celebrate together the multi religiousl festivals through our unique Malaysian open houses.

But we must not take things for granted and must always endeavour to ensure that the mutual tolerance and respect for racial, cultural and religious diversity continues to exist and to grow stronger.

The government must show greater responsibility and commitment towards the concept of unity in diversity .

The government’s policies and programmes must reflect its commitment.

Unfortunately, after 54 years of having achieved Independence from the British, BN government has failed to make all Malaysians feel that they can enjoy an equal place under the Malaysian sun.

Even after having introduced the 1 Malaysia concept and slogan for more than two years, the prime minister has failed to bring about much needed reforms that will ensure a better Malaysia for all.

Deeapvali is the celebration of good over evil, light over darkness.

As speculation is getting rife that the next general election will be held within 6 months, with the earliest possible date being next month, I wish to urge Malaysians who have long wished for a better Malaysia for all to keep the light of democracy and justice burning till the polling day of the next general election.

The recent despicable and baseless attack by pro UMNO cyber troopers on Sdr Lim Guan Eng’s son shows just how dirty the next election will be.

I dare predict that the next election will go down history as the dirtiest ever.

DAP and Pakatan Rakyat must therefore be totally prepared for the next general election which will be the most important in the nation’s electoral history.

Come next general election, Malaysian must rise to the occasion and vote Pakatan Rakyat to helm Putrajaya so as to end the political darkness that BN has brought to this nation for the last 54 years.

Let light conquer darkness at the next general election

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