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Karpal: DAP will stand firm against hudud | Free Malaysia Today

Karpal: DAP will stand firm against hudud

Athi Shankar | October 2, 2011-FMT

The DAP national chairman stresses that his party will never agree to change the country’s current secular constitution to an Islamic one.

GEORGE TOWN: PAS spiritual Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat’s prayers for the hudud and qisas jurisprudence to be adopted eventually in the country through constitutional amendments may not be answered after all.

For, as a party representing the interests and rights of non-Malay-Muslims, the DAP is firm and clear that it would never support any attempt to do so.

DAP national chairman Karpal Singh stressed that the DAP would never agree to change the country’s current secular constitution to an Islamic one.

Even if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the Putrajaya administration with parliamentary two-thirds strength to amend the Federal Constitution, he assured that the DAP would not agree for the country to have two systems of laws.

He pointed that the Federal Constitution and indeed a Supreme Court ruling in 1988 have made it clear that the country was based on secular ideals.

“DAP will oppose any attempt infringing the Federal Constitution,” he told newsmen in his office in Green Hall here today.

During PAS 60th year anniversary celebrations in Kepala Batas, PAS leaders such as its president Abdul Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz have declared PAS would pursue on its Islamist goals.

Nik Aziz told newsmen that DAP had actually agreed on principles to the hudud legislation, which was passed in Kelantan in1993 and Terengganu in 2003, to be implemented according to the Federal Constitution.

But Karpal was quick to dismiss Nik Aziz’s claims, stressing that the DAP indeed had made it clear during Pakatan Rakyat top brass meeting last week that the hudud law implementation was inconsistent with the Federal Consitution.

“Indeed the enactments on hudud in Kelantan and Terengganu were unconstitutional, null and void.

“The DAP is not against PAS. Indeed we have a lot in common. But we want to uphold the Federal Constitution,” clarified Karpal.

Karpal answers Anwar

Last night at the PAS 60th year anniversary forum, Parliamentary Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim suggested that non-Muslims should stop having Islamic-phobia and be rational and matured to engage themselves into serious discussions on Islamic laws.

“We have achieved independence for over 50 years.

“But we are still unable to discuss Islamic laws like hudud with an open mind,” said Anwar.

To this, Karpal said Anwar should know that it was not a question of engaging in discussions.

“Implementation of hudud is unconstitutional.

“As a democratic party, the DAP adheres strictly to the principles of the constitution,” he explained.

Karpal, the Bukit Gelugor parliamentarian, recalled that the PAS 57th Muktamar (general assembly) passed a resolution declaring that the party had dropped its Islamic state goal and adopting a welfare state agenda.

He said unless the resolution rescinded, it must stand.

He quoted Abdul Hadi of once saying that there was no provision in the Muslim holy book, Al Quran, for Islamic state.

“Going back to Islamic agenda is inconsistent with the resolution. Reverting back will be a breach of faith,” he chided PAS.

Asked on his conspicuous non-attendance at PAS function yesterday, Karpal denied it was deliberate.

“I was unwell. I have informed my party headquarters about it,” he said.

Karpal hopes the hudud saga would not affect Pakatan electoral chances to capture Putrajaya and dent public confidence.

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