Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Police should immediately arrest the MACC officers named by the TBH RCI report and carry out further investigations.

Speech by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat at DAP DUN Repah Fund Raising Dinner in Tampin, Negeri Sembilan on Sunday, July 31, 2011

At the MIC General Assembly yesterday, Prime Minister Dato Sri Najib announced that MIC President G Palanivel would be made a Minister.

He said the announcement of Palanivel's elevation was not an election gimmick or a prelude to a possible Cabinet reshuffle.

Who will believe that the announcement has nothing to do with election?

In an immediate reaction, Palanivel said he was "both shocked and surprised by the sudden announcement" because he never asked Najib for the post.

He added he had always "worked like a full minister" even when he was just an ordinary MP or a deputy minister and will continue to work hard.

It baffles me how one can work like a full minister when he is not one? It seems what he has said is that he has been behaving like a minister, working like a minister but is not a minister.

Palanivel also said his appointment should be regarded as an “historic day for the Indian community”.

He was creating history no doubt but a dubious history.

DAP parliamentary leader Sdr Lim Kit Siang has this to say about his Palanivel’s promotion.

““ MIC President Datuk G Palanivel has made dubious history – being the first, unashamed and most blatant “I help you, you help me” barter Cabinet appointment in the nation’s 54-year history, nothing to do whatsoever with his personal merit or quality!

It must rank as the most cynical Cabinet appointment ever made in Malaysian history under six Prime Ministers.””

At the Assembly, Najib told the MIC delegates-- “There must be an understanding. Can you all deliver for Barisan Nasional? You can deliver and we will deliver”.

Palanivel should tell Najib in simple terms—you deliver first, MIC will try to deliver but we cannot guarantee delivery because Indian voters have woken up in the 2008 general election and they are eager to vote for change again.

The BN government has not changed after its electoral debacle in the 2008 general election, so come the next election; Malaysians of all races must continue to vote for change to bring about a better Malaysia for all.

Teoh Beng Hock died more than 2 years ago; his family has still not seen the truth and justice that they have been waiting for.

They want to know how he died. They have a right to know. They want justice for him. They have a right to demand that.

TBH RCI report was released more than a week ago but the RCI findings continue to be questioned by many.

Just read the internet articles written about the TBH RCI findings and you can understand why the findings, including the driven to suicide conclusion, have become controversial and have been questioned.

Today, former High Court and Court of Appeal judge Datuk N. H. Chan has branded the three judges on the TBH RCI as “three blind mice” for concluding that the political aide committed suicide despite lacking expert opinion.

He said the commission had “no business” forming such an opinion as none of the experts it called upon gave the opinion that Teoh committed suicide.

I wonder if any other RCI findings have ever been so controversial and widely questioned.

The RCI report has in fact raised many questions which public want to know the answers.

One case is the fourth interrogation.

RCI mentioned the fourth interrogation was the last straw for Beng Hock.

EVEN IF this is the truth, what is the whole truth? How did it happen? Did Beng Hock jump in front of the officers? What time did he jump?

Surely the MACC officers who had lied at RCI hearings had covered up something. Public are entitled to know what was the cover up?

Police should immediately arrest the MACC officers named by the TBH RCI report and carry out further investigations.

Teoh Beng Hock must not die in vain, Truth and justice must prevail.

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