Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DAP is not infiltrated by gangsters

Media statement by M Kula Segaran, DAP National Vice Chairman and MP for Ipoh Barat, in Ipoh on August 16, 2011

DAP is not infiltrated by gangsters

On the 7th August 2011, the main temple of Ipoh SreeMahamariam convened an Emergency General Meting (EGM) to deliberate as to whether a crematorium ought to be built on a Hindu grave yard as the Perak Government had agreed to finance it with an initial allocation of RM1.2million

The local assemblyman of the area for BuntongA.Sivasumbramaniam was against it. He has his reasons and a protest was conducted against the AGM out side the temple on 7th August 2011.

Not only a banner , but even brooms were brought to show displeasure against the temple management committee.

The Sree Mariamriam temple is the mother of all temples inPerak.

For Hindus , brooms brought to show displeasure against the temple committee more so in temple grounds is most unfortunate, against our Indian culture and unacceptable.

Thus I take exception to the tactics used by the assemblyman.

As the protest was proceeding, a DAP member assaulted the Chairman Mr. Damodaran of the Sree Mahamariam Temple and he was injured. As the injury was severe , the Chairman was rushed to the hospital. As a result,the management committee decided to cancel the EGM.

Many allegations have now been labeled against the DAP. Was the assault organised by the DAP and has the DAP a hand in the whole fiasco?

Now it is reported that Deputy Minister Dato Saravan has said that the main temple of Ipoh being a religious place has now seen the presence of gangsters at the EGM. Obviously he was referring to the above uncalled for incident.

We hereby categorically say that to the best of our knowledge, the DAP does not have connections with the underworld, let alone to have any of them as members.

If the civil society can show evidence of these “gangsters” , we would take the necessary action.

As regards the DAP member who assaulted the Chairman, due action will be taken in due course.

For purposes of record, when Perak Government administration was under the Pakatan Rakyat , we had identified a 5 acre land along the Lumut/Ipoh highway for the building of a crematorium. With the fall of the State Government to BN, this proposal did not materialize.

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  1. Dear Mr Kula,

    I am a voter in your constituency. It has come to my attention that you are in support of the conversion of a Hindu burial ground into a public crematorium. Was this land not given to the Ipoh Tamils in 1919 by the British?

    The Management of the temple in Buntong is merely a caretaker for a land that has over generations been used as a Hindu burial ground. Why is the management therefore making a decision without a referendum and support from the Tamilians in Ipoh?

    As a Hindu, Tamil and registered voter in Ipoh, I would like the opportunity to voice my opinion. I am NOT in support of giving up land that should effectively be used for carrying out the final rites and rituals in a manner respectful of Hindu customs and beliefs.

    Your thoughts and views on this matter would be truly appreciated.

    Thank you.