Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome Penang Governments's decision to name a road after P.Patto

Penang Deputy Chief Minister Prof Dr P. Ramasamy’s announcement that a newly-built access road in Mak Mandin, Butterworth, would be named Jalan P. Patto on July 31 is most welcomed.

The Penang state government’s decision is a fitting honour for Patto, -- the great political fighter who had undoubtedly made immense sacrifices for and contribution to the nation and Malaysians.

The late P. Patto was one of the best and most respected leaders of the DAP.

Patto had held various positions in the Party including the post of Deputy Secretary General.

He had served as a Member of Parliament in both Penang and Perak states as well as an Assemblyman in Perak.

Known for his powerful oratory skill, Patto was a self less leader who had always stood by his principles and fought courageously to advance the DAP‘s struggle for a Malaysian Malaysia.

Patto, who had always lived a simple life, was detained without trial under ISA during the infamous 1987 Operasi Lallang.

But the incarceration did not in any way weaken his devotion and courage to serve the Party, the people and the nation.

DAP lost a great leader and Malaysia lost a great Malaysian son when Patto passed away on July 12, 1995.

It was unfortunate that the plan by the Pakatan Rakyat Perak state government to name a road after Patto in 2008 could not materialize.

Let’s hope that Pakatan Rakyat will come back to rule Perak at the next general election so that Patto will be honoured with a road named after him in the state where he was born

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