Sunday, July 24, 2011

The delay to alienate housing lots for the urban poor at Hock Onn is cruel!


Today, DAP Ipoh Barat members were invited to the OmSree Arulmigu Naggamal Temple festival at Hock Onn Garden, Kuala Kangsar road, Ipoh.

Former ADUN for Teja, Sdr R.K.Muthu, Sdr Wasoo, (DAP Maxwell Branch Chairman), Sdr Arasan (my special officer) and Sdr Phang (DAP Tasek Branch Chairman) and myself also attended the event.

Surrounding this temple, squatters have settled down some time in 1970.

Confirmed registered squatters numbers 52 as according to land office records and a further 4 lots have been reserved for a temple.
All the residents are from the lower income group and working as contract or employed as labourers / workers.

Total acreage of this place is about 7.7acreas.

The said land was given to State Secretary Incorporated (SSI) to develop as the whole area is within city limits .

BN politicians started to suggest building of houses and then to sell same to the urban settlers.

The settlers do not want to buy readymade houses as they can't really afford it. The houses if they have been built will cost around RM90, 000, way beyond their means.

After the 2008 General Elections, the Pakatan Government announced that all the 52 urban squatters would be granted individual titles. When the Pakatan Government was in the process of alienating titles it lost state power by reason of power grab by BN.

All the 52 houses do not have supply of running water. Limited water is available at the Temple grounds.

For bathing and washing, well water is the answer. The well water is murky as the Sg. Pari is just some 30 meters away from this settlement.

The urban dwellers are living in difficult situations as snakes and other creatures frequent their homes.

They need the individual housing lots urgently to rebuild their houses and to live in a harmonious situation.

Is this too much to ask?

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