Friday, July 22, 2011

DAP demands the immediate release of the PSM 6

DAP demands the immediate release of the PSM 6
Last Wednesday night over 100 people gathered for a candle vigil demanding the release of Dr. Michael  Jayakumar and another 5 detained by the police some 18 days ago.

The vigil was held at the Tawas bus stop. Prior to this, a protest and demonstration was carried out in front of the Sg.Siput police station. It was organized by the DAP Sg.Siput branch and was led by local Assemblywoman Sdri. Leong Mei Meng and Sdri. Helen

The Vigil started at about 7.30pm. Suddenly we were confronted by police personnel asking all the participants to disperse.

 We took objections and said the vigil was a part of the due process of democracy. We were warned we would all be arrested unless we disperse. Finally after negotiation with DSP Glen police gave us a few minutes. We finally dispersed at 8.30pm.

The other 4 elected representatives present were, Thomas Su (Pasir Pinji), Leong Mei Meng (Jalong), Chang Li Khang (Teja) and Sum Cheok Long (Bercham.

The police should coordinate the Vigil process rather than hinder. They should stop threatening participants with arrest. 

 Malaysia is not a police state and under the law, peaceful gathering is allowed. Thus the harassment by the police is totally unnecessary. 

I spoke to the crowed present and I said among other things on the meeting with Home Minister some one year ago on the proposal to review the Restriction of Movement and Freedom Acts of Parliament in particular ISA and the Emergency Ordinance.

The meeting was held at Datuk Hishammuddin‘s office at PutraJaya. Sdr.Lim Kit Siang and a few national leaders also attended the meeting. Hishammuddin had called for input from all political leaders to address the short coming of the various Acts.

At the meeting, Hishammuddin acknowledged that many existing Acts were out dated and needed to be reviewed. He felt the ISA and EO were out dated and their e usage against politicians was most inappropriate.

To date the Home Ministry has not presented any bills to Parliament on the proposed review. 

Instead, Dr Jayakumar and 5 political activities (PSM6)have recently been detained under the Emergency Ordinance.

Two days ago,  defacto Law Minister Dato Nazri  mentioned that the PSM 6 were detained as they were suspected to be involved in the revival of the communist ideology which organization is banned under in our country.

But yesterday the lawyer acting for the PSM6 Edmond Bon, in the heabus corpus application now pending at the High Court in Kuala Lumpur, has revealed an entirely different reason for the detention from that of the Minister.

 From affidavits filed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the PSM6 have been detained to facilitate investigations on the basis they were involved in the Bersih gathering held on the 9thJuly2011 in Kuala Lumpur.

It is now clear that there is no real basis for the detention of the PSM6 and thus their release must be done immediately.

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