Monday, July 25, 2011

 Come next general election, Indian voters must once again rise up to the occasion and play their “king maker” role

( Spoke at Sg.Petani ceramah( Sunday, 24.7.2011) organised by Sdr.Vasantha Kumar of KeAdilan)

When will the next general election be held? I think now even if Paul the Sotong was alive to predict, he would not be able to tell the answer.

This is simply because now even the prime minister Najib does not when is the right time for BN to contest against Pakatan Rakyat, due to the continued and increased uncertainty whether BN can hold on to federal power in the next general election.

Last year, there was intense speculation that BN had wanted to hold simultaneous federal and Sarawak state election. But finally the plan did not work out as BN was not sure if it could still obtain solid support from the Sarawak voters.

So BN decided to hold Sarawak state election first and would gauge the people’s response towards BN.

The state election result where PR was able to gain sizeable gains has now forced BN to abandon any idea of dissolving Parliament in May as speculated.

Last month, there was speculation that a general election might be held this year.

However, after the 709 Bersih rally, the chances of a general election being held this year have diminished a great deal.

The way BN government has done to demonize Bersih rally simply shows a government that feels its electoral popularity and support being threatened.

There was no doubt that the 2007 Bersih rally had helped to create political momentum that brought about the political tsunami against BN in the March 8, 2008 general election.

That was a historic election in the nation’s history.

It was an election where people had decided to vote for change and caused BN to suffer its worst ever electoral defeat.

It was an election where for the first time, Indian Malay and Chinese voters of Peninsular Malaysia came together and voted for change.

Of course, .before the polling day, MIC was still confident that the Indian community, despite their having been long marginalized, would still give BN their strong support.

Dato Samy Vellu still thought he would easily beat his opponent Dr Jeyakumar in their square off at Sg Siput.

BN did not see the political awakening of the Indian community which had started in 2007 and had been clearly manifested at the 2007 Hindraf rally.

So the BN had a big shock on the historic day of March 8, 2008.

The Indian voters influenced the outcome of the result in many constituencies.

The Indians played the king maker role and till today, the Indians have every reason to feel proud of having brought about the 2008 political tsunami against the BN.

In the next General Elections which could take place as early as in November this year or the latest within 6 months thereafter, the Indian voters will have a great say in 50 parliamentary and 133 state assembly seats where they comprise more than 10 per cent of the electorate, or in 21 parliamentary and 73 state assembly seats where they constitute more than 15% of the electorate

Despite having suffered its worst ever electoral debacle, the BN government has not changed or has only made cosmetic changes since..

We have not seen much, significant or effective policy changes that can truly help the Indian community, be it economic policy to uplift the Indian community’s economic status or education policy to resolve the many outstanding problems and plight faced by the Tamil schools.

The list can go on but suffice to say that BN is a government that cannot change.

Hence, the people who want to see change for the better must go for change.

Come next general election, Indian voters must once again rise up to the occasion and play their king maker role.

Vote for change and bring about a better Malaysia for the Indians and all Malaysians.

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  1. Between, a Big Thank you to all the Voluntary People who cleaned the streets last night after there were so many attendance at Indian temples .No one plastic bag , nor cup were left appart .
    It shows MBI that it is possible ...