Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why RM 50million worth of state land meant for Government Servants given to private developers?

Saturday, June 11, 2011.

Some 50 years ago, the state government of Perak set aside over 17 acres of land for the housing need of hospital and other government servants.

Some 15 years ago, over 300 families were staying on this land and were working at various government departments.

On 5th December 2001, the Perak Exco meeting approved the said land to State Secretariat Incorporated (SSI) for “Pembangunan Semula Kompleks Kuaters Kakitangan Kerajaaan dan Skim Perumahan (Government Quarters and Housing).

As the said land was accommodating hundreds of government servants, the decision to rehouse them at the same area was a politically right decision.

This particular land is strategically located in the City Center and is hence a priceless piece of land.

It is said that a square foot of land in this area is worth at least RM100.

Our inquires with real estate agents have revealed that the total value of this land is nothing less RM 50 million

From investigation made by our team, it has come to our knowledge that recently the SSI has entered into a joint venture agreement with a KL based company by the name of Basco Sdn Bhd.

The primary purposes are for apartments and commercial (Retail & Office) development.

The 300 Governments servants are yet to be housed in Government houses. They are renting or have moved to surrounding housing schemes in Ipoh.

A very impotent question that arises is -why is the condition imposed on SSI by the State Exco not followed?

Or has the BN Perak Government consented to the change of conditions of development of the said land?  

If so, the BN government should explain why they have agreed to this change and how it will better benefit the people?

In entering this deal, it clearly shows that SSI does not know how to manage state assets well.

With this deal, SSI is just a bystander and acting as a middle man and not creating entrepreneurs and local business people.

Why SSI has failed to tap local builders in the proposed business venture?

SSI is just another ‘ali baba” in town.

The SSI should reveal the following;

1)       Was there an open public tender of the proposed joint venture? How many companies have taken part or how many offers to develop the land have been received before a KL company was chosen? 

2)       Why was the KL company chosen to develop the said land and what are the terms thereof? 

3)       As the land can fetch at least RM50 million, what assurance is there that after the joint development, the SSI will reap at least RM50million if not more? 

The land is state land and the Perakians must get a fair and reasonable deal in the development of the area.

DAP calls for the whole deal to be suspended pending a thorough and independent investigation on the whole fiasco.

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