Sunday, June 26, 2011


Something dreadful has happened to some people while on the way to police stations to which apparently they were headed in the company of people armed with stuff of law enforcement.

In the last 8 months something like 70 people were reported to have gone missing in this way in country-wide incidents.

The immediate prelude to their disappearance has details that match the story offered by relatives and friends of a couple who disappeared in Guniong Rapat on Thursday (June 23) morning.

The sags starts with two or three men appearing at a couple’s address at Rayapan a p veeramuthu age 58, off Gunong Rapat, claiming that they are police personnel.
They produce police identity papers, carry handcuffs and are armed with firearms. But they are not attired in uniform and have arrived in unmarked vehicles.

Having convinced the family that they are police officers, they request the "suspects" to accompany them to a certain police station.

In the case of the couple who lived at Marthamal 70, off Gunong Rapat, they asked the husband and wife to follow them to the Ipoh police station.

At that time the couple had to send their children to school and was getting ready to go to work. The neighbors were the last persons to see the couple as they left the house and heard that they were being taken to the Ipoh police station.

When by 10.30pm on June 24th , relations of the couple could not confirm their whereabouts, a few of them requested me to accompany them to the central police station in Ipoh.Over 70 people accompanied the mother of the missing lady together with her husband to the police station. Inquires on their whereabouts with the police drew a blank.

Over three hours were spent at the police station speaking to police officers, some of senior rank. Many phone calls were made by the police and an "online" check of the police network yields no results.

Finally, the mother of the missing lady lodges a police report on the missing persons, stating that her inquiries on the couple’s whereabouts at the Ipoh central police station have drawn a blank.

I am puzzled and feel something is terribly wrong about the whole matter. Over 70 people have gone missing in much the same way as the Gunong Rapat couple.

All those affected have lodged police reports. The cases have occurred not only in Perak but all over Malaysia.
Children and close relations of the missing persons have not seen or heard from them. The culprits responsible for the disappearance of people have inflicted great pain and hardship on their victims and their relatives.

A detailed and specific police investigation is required. The police must stop these incidents from snow balling.

I will move an urgent motion in Parliament next week on this matter so that we can get some quick answers from the police.

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