Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Come next general election, Malaysians must rise to the occasion and create a bigger tsunami to effect a bigger change.

Speech by M.Kula Segaran MP Ipoh Barat and DAP National Vice Chairman on the occasion of the annual Ipoh Barat English speaking dinner at Frolex restaurant on 4th June2011 at 7pm

308 general election in a way was a political miracle. No political analyst had seriously thought BN could lose its traditional parliamentary majority. But the political tsunami even caused BN to lose power in 5 states.

This simply shows the power of the people. Electoral gerrymandering, politics of money, threats etc which used to favour BN could not fight against the people power.

There is now intense speculation that the next general election will be held this year or early next year. There is even speculation that a snap poll could be held as early as next month, before the puasa month begins.

Malaysians who want a better Malaysia will have an important mission in the next election—to create a bigger political tsunami and to vote for a bigger change.

BN has claimed that it wants to change and has changed after the 308 general election. The truth is it has not learned the lesson of 308 general election. BN simply cannot change. Real change can only come about by ousting BN from power.

After the; last general election, there has been no significant changes to major policies. Take a look at BN treatment of SJKC and d SJKT. Unfairness still continues.

PM Najib has talked a lot about 1 Malaysia . But he cannot walk the talk. It is a slogan that rings hollow.

BN govt talks about stopping brain drain but look at how JPA scholarships are unfairly distributed. Even on such a simple matter of distributing scholarships, it cannot even be fair and transparent.

BN talks about economic transformation programmes. But do people see and feel it on the ground?

Are the people having more purchasing power? Answer is No. PM Najib said a subsidy is like opium yet the govt is not prepared to cut the big opium of gas subsidies to IPPs. Instead it chose to increase power tariffs and burden the people.

BN government continues to be arrogant, unresponsive and irresponsible. The proposed but now abandoned acquisition of the Indian heritage land in Sitiawan is an example. Another example is the Interlok issue.

It is simply puzzling that a novel that is so controversial and which contents are offensive can be retained a school literature. Yet despite strong and loud objections, DPM Muhyiddin said that the issue is resolved.

Obvious that BN cannot change. So to bring about change in this beloved land, it has to be done by ousting BN from power.

Come next general election, Malaysians must rise to the occasion and create a bigger tsunami to effect a bigger change.

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