Monday, May 23, 2011

Urban settlers denied "promised" housing lots!


Over 75 families have been residing on a piece of government land located at Benaria, Gunong Rapat since the 60's.
Sometime in 2005, the squatters were asked to move out by the Perak state government. They were promised re settlement.

Interviews were conducted on the squatters and a total of 40 families were given land and the balance of 35 was neglected by the authorities.

All most all are from the lower income group and many are still homeless.
We have been told that one G.Ramadas was the person who coordinated with the land office in the allotment of housing lots.
In 2008, police reports were made by a few of the squatters alleging that Ramadas had taken monies with promises that housing lots would be given by the land office.

Till today, this promise has not materialized

It is puzzling why no proper investigation has been done and why the guilty party has not been hauled up to the Court.

It has been brought to our attention that a family has been granted 4 housing lots as all the children were successful in obtaining housing lots. We also notice that some new houses built by those who were given the housing lots are worth over RM 200, 000.We demand an independent investigation on the unfair allotment of housing lots.

The investigation must look into the following questions:-

1. Why some squatters were not given housing lots?
2. At what premium price were the lots were given?3. Who and why many outsiders who never ever resided at this place were given the housing lots?
We also demand that the authorities publicly reveal the names of those who were given housing lots as well as to make the investigation result public.

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