Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Umno comes a wooing again

Humayun Kabir

| May 3, 2011

TAIPING: Umno is clutching at straws. The Chinese voters have shunned them, and a PAS top gun says Umno is wooing the Islamic party in a bid to hold on to Putrajaya.

PAS central committee member Mohamad Sabu said: “Umno has lost the support of the Chinese in the recent Sarawak state election and even in the peninsula the Chinese have stayed away friom them .

“With the Chinese not on their side, Unmo fears they will lose the next general election and that is why they want our cooperation,” said Mohamad Sabu who is fondly called Mat Sabu.

Mat Sabu said Umno likes to paint PAS as a racist party but with their theme of 1Melayu, 1Bumi, they have turned racist to get the Malay votes.

The former ISA detainee claimed PAS with its moderate ways is more acceptable to the non-Malays now although BN had allegedly painted a negative picture of the party being a ultra Islamic party.

“Najib is just repeating what his father Tun Abdul Razak said then on the offer of cooperation between PAS and Umno,” said Mat Sabu.

Mat Sabu spoke to FMT after officiating the Perak state PAS Youth Wing 28th annual congress at Markaz Tarbiyyah PAS Negeri Perak at Air Kuning in Changat Jering here on Sunday.

Mat Sabu was responding to Najib’s call for PAS to ditch DAP because their Malaysian Malaysia slogan clashed with PAS’s Islamic state objective.

Mat Sabu said PAS will not consider Umno’s invitation but concentrate on strengthening Pakatan Rakyat’s cooperation in taking over Putrajaya in the coming general election.

He accused Umno of following a racist policy of divide and rule instead of good governance and good leadership.

“Why is Najib wearing two political hats -1Malaysia for the non-Malays and 1Bumi for the Malays?” he asked

Umno’s misconception

He said Umno’s political propaganda that DAP will take control of power from the Malays if Pakatan takes Putrajaya was just propaganda.

He asked : “How can DAP take control from the Malays when it is only contesting about 40 parliamentary seats in a Parliament of 222 seats ?”

Mat Sabu also took Umno to task for its misconception that Islam is only for Malays, he said “Islam is an universal religion for all.”

Commenting on Perkasa’s chief Ibrahim Ali statement that PAS does not think about Malay unity but only to take power and Putrajaya, an angry Mat Sabu asked “What Malay unity is he talking about, when Umno is only interested in using the Malay votes to stay in power?”

“Malay unity is (all about) sharing the country’s wealth to better the economic status of all Malays,” he reminded.

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