Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A blue print is needed for Tamil Schools urgently


A blue print is needed for Tamil schools and the DAP is willing to have heart to heart talk with MIC/BN

There are 523 Tamil schools in the country. In Perak alone there are 134. From our studies it has come to occur knowledge that 80 of the schools have less then 100 student enrollments. The Balance of 54 can be considered safe as it has over hundred students.

We are most concerned with the 80 schools as many are on danger list as their enrollment is very small.

We need a blue print to chart very clear polices on the Tamil school. Presently the Federal and state Government are implementing and announcing polices on a ad hoc basis manner. As an example the State MIC Chairman Dato Veersangim has now announced that 4 areas has been identified where Tamil schools will be relocated to. There are Jelapang ii) Langkap iii) Taman Gaya iv) Tun Sambathan Sg. Siput.

From our investigations we cannot ascertain where at this 4 Tamil schools would be relocated. Many are question the truthness of Veersangim’s statement. Can he be more specific and tell all where actually the land has been identified and are the land measuring at least 5 acreas as required by the Federal Education guidelines on building schools.

We are concerned in that this announcement could just be an election gimmick and for mere publicity.

Many time previously statements has been made by MIC leaders on Tamil schools but end of the day new schools has not been build. An example 1) In 2008 then MIC President said a new school would be built although there is no land is available to build a school 2) at Merllimau (Malacca) for over 20 years at every elections promise of relocating the Tamil school has been 3) Tamil schools are squatting on shop houses at Lukut since 2003 4) Ladang Brausnton, Jeram Kuala Selangor a Tamil school is in a cinema

In Kajang there is only 1 school for about 1800 students in about ½ acre and whereas in Bandar Mahkota Cheras there 3 parcles of land measuring about 5 acres land kept vacant and belongs to the Education Ministry. Why can’t this land be given to Tamil schools?

Many Tamil schools don’t even have direct electricity and water supply

In Perak there are over 17thousand students studying in Tamil schools, 9 thousand plus in National school and over one thousand five hundred in Chinese schools. So over 60 % of Indians send their children to Tamil schools. This trend is also nation wide. Over 70% of the Perak Tamil schools are located in the former estates where the enrolment is low. In most of this areas the Indian have moved to urban schools but there aren’t enough Tamil schools in the urban area. Clearly there is amiss match in the need of Tamil schools.

We urge the authorities to have a new mind set on Tamil school problem and address them in a wholesome.

As a start we ask MIC leadership to open their mind and hear and meet the top leaders of DAP to discuss the Tamil schools issue and we together work out a “win win “point outcome for the community. If this can agreed on we can formulate a blue print for the adoption of any Government of the day

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