Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Use of fire arm should be of last resort

Tuesday, 5 th April, 2011

On 27th March 2011 at about 2.15 pm, Ramu A/L Krishnan 34, was driving his relations car with registration number JGX 5115 along Jalan Abdul Razak.

Upon seeing a police roadblock, Ramu who had no valid driving licence took a turn and sped off to Silibin Road, Ipoh.

Two policemen on motorbike who had chased after Ramu managed to corner him at Jalan Sibilin. One of the policemen then approached the suspect and having felt his own safety was threatened, he opened fire at Ramu.

As a result, Ramu was hit on both his hands. Although he was injured, he was not sent to the hospital by the policeman.

A by stander took him to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun.Ramu was alleged to be in possession of drug.

The question before every one is why the victim was shot when the police could have easily shot at the car tires?

The so called drugs found looks unconnected to the victim as both his hands were injured thus rendering him incapable of throwing the drugs out of the car.

The wife of Ramu and his relations have met DAP to ask for legal help.

We were also told that the police have denied access to meet Ramu since he was detained. The family of Ramu is concerned on his well being and whether he has been given continuous medical treatment due to the gun shot wounds.

The death of Kugan in police lockup and the shooting of Amirul Rashid are recent cases where police integrity has been questioned.

Use of fire arms should be of last resort and the trigger happy conduct of the police must stop.

Public need police to act as their protector and not as enemy of the people.

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