Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The setting up of IPCMC is long overdue and should not be delayed any longer

Manivanan, a 36 year old photographer was driving his car at about 9.30pm on 25th April along Brewster Road in Ipoh.

Just as he was passing the Kinta River Bridge, a dark land of the road, he was stopped by the traffic police. He was asked by the traffic police man why he wasn’t wearing the safety belt and also he was using his hand phone. Both allegations if true are offences under the law.

Manivanan disputed with the traffic policeman’s allegations. Exchange of words took place.

Suddenly some 5 traffic policemen surrounded Manivanan and handcuffed him. He was remanded overnight at the local police station.

The next day he was brought to court and charged for uttering offensive words against the traffic police man under the Minor Offences Act where the maximum fine is RM100.00

Just a few days ago the Deputy –Inspector General of Police Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said:-

“We should not be hiding behind bushes. We should come out in the open and enforce the law,”

The directive to stop the ambushes has been issued, he added, saying that signs would be set up before the speed trap or roadblocks to warn the motorists beforehand.

But in the case of the roadblock at Brewster Road, there was no warning to any motorist. Worse still the roadblock was done under a big rain tree which was dark and not lighted and motorists were caught off guard.

Has the directive of Deputy IGP any bite? Or it is just another publicity stunt?

Why the necessity to handcuff the victim? Worse still he was kept overnight in the Ipoh lock up.

For a minor offence, what’s the necessity to keep an alleged offender overnight?

Just because the police can detain one it does not mean one can be detained at the whims and fancies of the police.

We are further given to understand that Manivanan was kept in the lock up without food and water. This is a clear abuse of police authority and power.

We intend to file proceedings soon against the police for abuse of authority.

We ask the Inspector General of Police to institute an independent inquiry of this incident and bring those who have abused the power to the book.

The above incident again shows the urgent necessity of making the proposed independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) a reality.

Good cops have no need to fear the IPCMC. It setting up will in fact help improve the image of the Police Force.

IPCMC is an important recommendation made by Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police.

A government that shouts the slogan “People First “will have to walk the talk and do what is right and necessary for the people

The setting up of IPCMC is long overdue and should not be delayed any longer.

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