Monday, April 4, 2011

Malaysia expected to be a full member of International Criminal Court by end of June 2011


Had a very fruitful discussion with Dato Faridah head of Treaties and Internal Relations at Parliament house.

PGA was represented by 4 MP's-MP Batu Gajah,Kota Melaka, Tawau, Ipoh Barat. Minister Nazri could not attend as he had a prior engagement.

I raised d issue of the process of accession to Rome statute. She confirmed the approval and agreement on accession is solely with the Malaysian cabinet. Malaysia Parliament has no authority on this.
She said a letter would be written to all Malaysian Embassies informing them of the law and practice of ratification of a treaty.

She also told me the instruments of accession will be ready and would be deposited in late June at the UN.

She will prepare bills to comply with the Rome Statute( domestication) and present for approval in due course. Her department is already doing it in the process.

Finally she thanked PGA for organizing the regional conference n the meeting of ICC President with Malaysia's Prime Minister which was the catalyst for all the subsequent events.
She also confirmed,

1)Malaysia has yet to deposit its instruments of accession to the Rome Statute of the ICC with the secretary General of the UN.

2) Wisma Putra is also ciurrently working with the relevant Malaysia agencies to ensure that Malaysia has the domestic legislation that will enable Malaysia fulfill its obligation as required by the Rome statute.

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