Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let April 16 be a day of political tsunami which will cause Taib to go and bring about a better Sarawak for all.

Spoke to crowd of over 4k+ at DAP ceramah in Miri. Very attentive crowd and I am confident we will do well.

Enough is enough. 30 years is long enough. Taib must not be allowed to stay even one day longer.

Prime Minister Najib said Taib would quit after the state election. Taib said he would quit in few years. Najib can bargain with Taib. Taib can negotiate with Najib. But Sarawakians must say “no bargaining, no negotiations from us, Taib must go”.

Bargaining only takes place in the pasar, even then a fishmonger and his customer will bargain over the price of a fresh fish, not a rotten fish.

Taib is just like a rotten fish that stinks and must be thrown away.

It is obvious that Najib is powerless and unable to ask Taib to go.

So Sarawakians must do the job by sending the strongest signal through the ballot box that Taib must go.

Come April 16, Sarawakians must vote for change.

When speaking at the 1 Malaysia night concert in Kuching last night, Najib asked "what is change?".

He said, "What is the change? There must be a reason. If we want change, we shouldn't change for the sake of change. We must change for the better.”

If Najib truly does not know or see the reason why Sarawakians are now clamoring for change, then he has only been listening to the shouting of the 1 Malaysia slogan and has not been listening to the voices of the Sarawakians.

Has he not heard about the people’s anger against corruption and nepotism that has been happening for so long in Sarawak?

As such, Sarawakians must now shout louder “enough is enough” and let “ UBAH” fly higher.

Let Najib and his ministers bring in all the goodies, be they tupperware or allocations or what not, let Najib repeat his “you help me, I help me” words or shout his 1 Malaysia slogan, but the brave Sarawakians must continue to shout “enough is enough” everywhere, whether at coffee shops, pasar or long houses.

Most important of all, let the enough is enough sentiment be translated into votes for change on April 16.

In the 2008 general election, the then prime minister Abdullah Badawi warned the Chinese voters of lesser Chinese representation in the Cabinet if MCA and Gerakan did badly, the voters refused to be cowed and helped create an unprecedented political tsunami that caused BN its worst electoral debacle.

When people don’t fear, when people say “enough is enough”, it is the BN which will fear about the occurrence of a political tsunami.

Let April16 be a day of political tsunami which will cause Taib to go and bring about a better Sarawak for all.

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