Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let 416 be a day of new beginning for Sarawak and Sarawakians

Spoke to a crowd of 2k+ people at DAP dinner in Bintulu. 75 tables were sold out within 24hrs after the decision to have this dinner in a local restaurant. Out side the restaurant I can see over 2k+ people listening to our speeches as there is a screen out side.

Today, there is a very interesting news report in the news portal The Malaysian Insider.

A paragraph of the report titled " BN faltering on Taib factor " says:-“

BN officials on the campaign trail say that Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud’s reluctance to set an exit timetable, his unwillingness to accept that the ruling coalition is facing a tough challenge from the Opposition and reliance on people outside political circle, including a psychic, is a major headache in the home stretch before Saturday’s poll.”

For 30 years, one man has caused so many Sarawakians to have headache and even heartache.

Headache and heartache because their homeland is continually raped by the greedy , because Sarawak the richest state becomes the poorest, because there has been rampant and unchecked corruption, nepotism and cronyism.

Never before has one Sarawakian caused so much headaches and heartaches to so many fellow Sarawakians.

But now this man called the Pek Moh is causing the biggest headache to his own BN coalition.

Not too long ago, Prime Minister Najib joked that Taib became younger after taking a new bride.
He may look or become younger but he is no longer strong in this election as before because “ Ubah” is getting bigger and stronger by the day.

But although Pek Moh is not as strong as before but he is certainly still stubborn and arrogant.

Although Sarawakians have sent the message of enough is enough in the 2006 state election and the 2010 Sibu parliamentary by election, he has ignored the people’s message. .

Hence, Instead of so many people having to suffer headache and heartache, come April 16, Sarwakians must vote for change and remove the one man who has caused so many to suffer headaches and heartaches for so many years.

The people who can cure such headache and heartache are not the medical doctors. SUPP ‘s Pending candidate Dr Sim is a good cardiologist but he too cannot cure such headache and heartache.

The only cure is ” Ubah” . So let Ubah fly higher.

30 years of headache and heartache is enough.

Come April 16, Sarwakians must vote for change to bring about a political tsunami that will cause Taib to go and to usher in a better Sarawak for all.

It is now obvious that SUPP and even the prime minister Najib have viewed Taib as a political liability and burden.

Time has proven that SUPP has not been able to stand up against Taib. In fact, a vote for SUPP is a vote for Taib.

It is also obvious that while prime minister Najib has been able to “ force” MIC president Dato Samy Vellu who has been considered a political liability to BN to retire from politics, he has failed to persuade Taib to go.

Taib is too strong for Najib. SUPP is nothing to Taib. But Ubah which represents the people power can be stronger than Taib.

And Taib is now certainly panicking because Ubah is getting stronger. More and more Sarawakians are saying ‘ Ubah” louder and louder.

Nevertheless, Sarawakians must be on guard against the dirty and desperate tactics which will be used by BN be they politics of money, fear or intimidation.

I call on Sarawakins to vote for change on April 16 and let 416 be a day of new beginning for Sarawak and Sarawakians.

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