Monday, April 25, 2011

Is "Interlok" issue over for MIC??


YB SivaKumar, YB Kesavan, Simathari and local leaders are are present at tonight's ceramah in Cameron Highlands. I have a dinner function later thus I requested the organizer to allow me to speak first.

Just concluded my speech. About 100 + people attended.

Many people have written sarcastically in the internet space that Malaysia is a boleh land where illogical and unjust things could occur.

I can certainly understand why there is such sarcasm as the BN government never fails to make this a “ boleh land”.

Take for example, the Interlok issue.

It is plain obvious that the Interlok novel is unsuitable for use as a school text , yet the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiidin has failed to withdraw it from the schools.

It is obvious that the issue is far from over, but the Education Minister claims that it is resolved and over.

Yet this is the government that says the era where the government knows best is over.

If the BN government truly believes that the era where the government knows best is over, then it must be prepared to listen to the legitimate voices of the people.

Let me tell the BN government that the issue is not over. And the Chinese community is also offended by the novel.

Last month, a number of prominent Chinese groups were among 45 organisations which voiced their strong objection against the government's decision to retain the controversial novel as a compulsory textbook for secondary schools.

The organizations described ‘Interlok’ as an “insidious poison and accused the novel of propagating the ideology of “Ketuanan Melayu”.

Their statement says:

“In fact, Interlok is barely a step away from the Biro Tatanegara brainwashing that promotes racism and disunity. 'Interlok' conveys the central message that Chinese, Indian and other minorities are second-class citizens in addition to perpetuating the divisive notion of a host community (the Malays) versus foreigners ('bangsa asing' Cina dan India).

“Not so subtly, 'Interlok' intends to put the Chinese and Indians in their place as 'pendatang', and validating a social hierarchy according to ethnic origin.”

Prominent Chinese groups which signed the statement included KL and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall, Negeri Sembilan Chinese Assembly Hall, Johor Federation of Chinese Associations and Penang Chinese Town Hall.

Hence, the government is not only behaving as if it knows best just like how it was before the 2008 general election, it is also behaving like how it was before—being insensitive and arrogant.

The Interlok issue has proven to the people that the BN government has not changed after suffering its worst electoral debacle in the 2008 general election.

It is obvious that the BN has not learned its lesson from the previous general election.

It also shows that despite having a new leader, MIC is still ineffective and spineless like before.

Let me ask MIC what is its stand now on this issue?

Has MIC surrendered completely and agreed that the issue is resolved and over?

DAP will not allow a novel which can spew poison among our young to be used as a school text.

We will make this a major issue in the coming general election.

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